Aug 12, 2016

LUNASOL Water Cream Foundation in YO-03

Let us all talk about high-end foundation, does it worth the price?

LUNASOL Kanebo, has widely known for their effortless and natural finish Decorative make-up, but how about their Base make-up? Lunasol foundation/base make-up is generally categorized into 3 types of texture: Liquid, Creamy and Powder foundation. Lunasol Water Cream Foundation is a creamy foundation enriched with 60% water composition whereas The Water Keeping Formula contains even more effective skincare ingredients that leaves the skin filled with moisture all day long. With a skin-illuminating effect that takes light into the skin, the foundation makes the skin look beautiful and leaves it deeply translucent and radiant. (taken from Lunasol website)

Retailed for Yen 5.000 (before tax) or IDR 525.000, 30g nett weight, available in 6 shades and enriched with SPF20 & PA++

Available shades

***I'm not gonna make in-depth review about this product, but I will try to explain my personal experience after wearing this foundation alone or with Lunasol base makeup. My skin matches with OC-30 or YO-30, with dry-sensitive condition living under tropical climate. All opinions are mine.***

This foundation comes in a glass tube along with additional spatula; I found it impractical but it's better to scoop the cream using the spatula to avoid any direct contamination.

The tube is sturdy but prone to break since it's made from glass, so I assumed it's not travel-friendly and better to stay nicely in your vanity desk.
LUNASOL Skin Modelling Water Cream Foundation ingredients: click on the image above to zoom-out the ingredient lists. FYI, it contains alcohol, so sensitive skin might test it before.

Above photo: As you can see, OC-02 and YO-03 is strikingly different in the photo; OC-02 has hint of ocher undertone whereas YO-03 has yellow undertone. Both of the foundation has creamy texture (both are Water Cream Foundation)

Above photos show comparison between Lunasol creamy foundation and liquid foundation in term of color. OC-04 is the darkest shade available, whereas OC-02/YO-02 is known as the most common shade for Japanese women. As you can see, YO-03 is more suitable for me (nb: your foundation shade should be 1 shade lighter than your skin tone). The BA lady in the counter said OC-04 suits me better but it turns out too dark for my like.  :"(

Lunasol water cream foundation has a creamy and moisturizing texture. The coverage is medium-heavy with possibility to build-up the coverage. It feels moist and gives you a nice dewy finish BUT the staying power is not what I've expected; it easily goes greasy after 2-3 hours especially if you don't finish it with setting powder. I should say: the staying power can't stay well on humid tropical climate (like Indonesia) and will start to smudge especially on T-zone area. 

I tried to pair it with Lunasol base but still didn't work out. It will smear and leave blotchy spot especially in my forehead. In the end, I always blot my face with tissue to wipe off the excess foundation and retouch my base with powder foundation. This is just my two-cents but I disappointed with the staying power. Is it because I don't finish it with setting powder or maybe this product doesn't suit well for extreme tropical climate. Thank you for reading and if you wonder another insight about this product, you check Cherry's review here.

***Quick up-date: I tried to use it alone without any base makeup nor sunscreen and finish it with loose powder; it turns out GOOD. Long-lasting and acceptable grease. I guess this is the type of foundation that doesn't work well with any additional cream/gel substance. Laurantaina also said that: some dewy foundations start separating towards evening or your skin can "eats up" the foundation? Well, I guess I learned so much now***

***Based on my own experience, both Lunasol foundation best use with beauty blender tool***


  1. Don't Kanebo has another foundation that's more suitable for tropical climate? I remember seeing it somewhere but I forget. Anyways, thanks for this review, and so sorry to hear it's not working well :(

    Selene Addicted

    1. Unfortunately the Water Cream Foundation has thumbs-down staying power :( but the Liquid foundation version works well on tropical climate, will review about it soon! :)


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