Apr 11, 2017

MAC Longwear Lipstick in "Studded Kiss"

Sorry for the long hiatus. Betting my luck on deep hue like MAC "Studded Kiss"; a ravish burgundy shade in warmer tone.

It's spring already. But who cares if I wear deep shade like this gorgeous burgundy in a sunshiny Spring day? Contrary to its cooler version in MAC "Diva", MAC "Studded Kiss" is leaning to warmer tone with hint of brown. The bullet color looks deeper than the swatch (the bullet color in real life is much darker) but it's not considered as "goth" regardless of the deeper hue it has. "Studded Kiss" is a warm burgundy with opaque pigmentation and moisturizing-matte finish; not drying out your lips, just perfectly matte.

MAC described it as 'Matte' finish but for me the texture of "Studded Kiss" is more likely comfort-matte with adequate moisturizing agents. It glides well, covering lip with opaque pigmentation, and won't accentuate dry lines nor create messy flakes. Swipe 2 times to reach full intensity.

It has subtle vanilla scent but the scent won't transfer upon application. Lasting power up to 4-6 hours but normally starts to smear off after decent meal. Another dupe comes from MAC "Diva" (the cooler version) and MAC Media (more intense-deeper than Diva).


Just like typical MAC Longwear bullet-type lipstick, the bullet comes in a slanted-pointy tip as seen below. The product comes in nett 3 g and retailed for IDR 285.000 (tbh, I don't know the current counter price, since I bought it from someone's personal stash with more cheaper tag).

MAC "Studded Kiss"

As far as I can remember, "Studded Kiss' glides perfectly even in my dry-est lip condition, this burgundy shade works from the fairest skin-tone to darker tones. Take a look carefully in my face swatch below (look at my dark circle, hahaha, no) and you may notice that the shade around the lip lines is less tense; you may need lip brush or similar lip liner shade to outline your lip line and reach more defined lips.
I've been enjoying deep shade like "Studded Kiss" and unexpectedly it works on my conservative-corporate office environment. It turns out office-appropriate if you pair it with defined or cat-winged style, but keep in your mind to let your lips do the talking and let the rest of your face more simple.

MAC "Studded Kiss" || IDR 285.000

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  1. Aku demen nih dengan warna merah begini.. browny-red :)


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