Feb 21, 2013

Four Get Me A Nots: A Review

Heyya! Wazzap people!?

Do you have interest with Japanese Band? Rock Band? Or anything in between? I will post an article regarding my favorite Japanese Band at the moment. Here we go~!

Name : Four Get Me A Nots
Website : Four Get Me A Nots
Official Myspace : My Space
Official Twitter :
Label : 773Four RECORDS
Type of Label : Indie
Genre : Alternative / Pop Punk / Rock
Origin : Chiba, Japan
Personnel :
  1. Vocal & Bass / Yasunori Ishitsubo,
  2. Vocal & Guitar / Chie Takahashi,
  3. Drums & Vocal / Takayuki Abe
The first time I heard their single 「Beginning」  I thought of: Asian Kung Fu Generation with a woman's touch (their guitarist is a woman). However, all the way down, it didn't lessen their musicality quality, or should I say theis music genre tastes like progressive rock or melodic punk. 

This one is my favorite song from their mini-album「TRIAD」"Ways":

  For introduction, you should listen to their hit single: 「Beginning」

On March 6th 2013, they had released their 3rd Full-album 「BLINKS」 plus they're also available in i-Tunes! Check out more about them, maybe it will tingling your taste.

Source: FGMAN website, Blogspot. 

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