Feb 20, 2013

Tell Me When You 'Galau': A song collection that can relate to your feeling

Have you ever felt so down even you can't express your feeling?

I had.

It's hardly to express my feeling especially when I'm feeling down. The best that I can do is listening to songs that relate to my certain situation (sometimes also crying). How about you?

First of all, Tokyo Jihen - Les Adultes Terribles; 東京事変 恐るべき大人達, top of the top. Pay attention to the lyric; man never satisfies. Once I had a relationship with a man who always makes a reason for everything he does. I remember he told me that his mother wants his girlfriend or future wife using religious-attribute; a thing that hardly to be forced by other people. Recently, I just realize that's only his excuse to avoid commitment. So what if wishes come true for you? :

Second, Sara Bareilles - Gravity. Love sucks. Especially if you fall for a wrong person. No matter how hard you tried to avoid your feeling, your heart will lead you to the start. It's not like a algebra that needs your logic; your feeling always use your heart instead your brain. Full stop. Best step to move on; accept the reality, even it hurts and makes your heart need a pain killer, well at least you are living your own life, not the idea of your expected love life.

Third, Super Junior - It's You, 슈퍼주니어 - 너라고 ; Yes, they are Korean boy band. Yes, they sing platonic sentimental love song. Yes, they also dance while singing the song. At least they tell you to be honest about who's inside your heart.

Fourth, 2NE1 - It Hurts, 2NE1 - 아파 ; just listening to the melody could make me cry. Whilst the video concept is extraordinary and whimsical yet the male model looks mesmerizing. When I found out the meaning, I sobbed to sleep. One sentence makes realize "You're not mine anymore". Sometimes, things we used to have are no longer belong to us anymore; nothing lasts forever. Even it's abstractly known as 'Love'.

Fifth, BoA - Only One ; I was fooled. I thought it was a song about a person madly in love, since the PV concept was a dance version and most sentences in the lyric are Korean. Who will think actually it's a sorrowful song?; a song about a person who couldn't forget his/her past. Damn. This one stabbed me so hard: When will my head erase you? (I will let you go). And someday in your memories, I won’t live in it, you will erase me...
Once famous Indonesian musician said "we can love a person in only one minute, but it takes forever to forget them". Damn, damn, damn.

Sixth, Shiina Ringo - Akane Sasu Kiro Terasaredo, 椎名 林檎 - 茜さす 帰路照らされど・・・ (translation: When It Begins to Get Dark…) First time I heard this song on the way back home in a quiet train. The song had been played in my playlist but I didn't realize it's soulful meaning. I was there in a blank condition (after a quarrel) in which I didn't realize my surrounding until this lyric catch my attention:

I place the headphones on my ears and listen
someone sings a song, I feel so blue
now darlin' promise me
please tell me something words to soothe
I don't wanna cry...
(Kindly check the video at Youtube)

I couldn't hold my tears because nobody can be depended on; nobody offers me their shoulder to cry on. The last thing I remembered, I tried close my eyes and imagined myself crying in the shoulder of a person...

Seventh, Iwan Fals - Yang Terlupakan (The Forgotten One) : Finally, I listed Indonesian song on the list. Iwan Fals is one of Indonesian legendary musician, he is known for his honest and undeniable lyric. Mostly are concerning about social and life aspects but then once he made a love song, and boom, became an anthem for broken hearted. The melodic rhythm caught my attention but then the lyric itself that stabbed *jleb* me in the heart. For Indonesian can barely understand it's meaning, but foreigners need Google Translate to find out it's meaning.
Rasa sesal di dasar hati
Diam tak mau pergi
Haruskah aku lari dari kenyataan ini
Pernah ‘ku mencoba ‘tuk sembunyi
Namun senyummu tetap mengikuti

Eighth, Iwan Fals - Senandung Lirih (Sorrowful Chant) : The lyric! Iwan Fals' sultry voice makes this song more "jleb" stabbing than any other love songs. Actually this song is dedicated to a woman from a man, but I consider it vice-versa. Once I was head over heels for this man. I admired him for everything he has but he didn't love me equally in return. I love him too much. He always seeks another value missed in me to another women; I can't stand it anymore. Not every love story has happily-ever-after-ending. The last thing I know that (seems like) he still keeps looking the 'values' he searched for in every woman. One thing for sure: Nobody's perfect. I only hope him the best :
Semoga kau temukan apa yang kau cari
Yang tak kau dapatkan dari aku

Ninth, Ilaria Graziano - Pearls : A beautifully song arranged by Yoko Kanno 菅野 よう子 and sung by Ilaria Graziano. Yoko Kanno-san is widely known as anime music's composer, arranger and musician. While Ilaria Graziano is a Italian singer who works mostly in Kanno's anime musical projects. No wonder this song is inserted as a insert song for Cowboy Bebop Cowboy: Bebop Tank! THE! BEST! album. However, if you found out the song's translation actually it's another broken hearted song yet beautifully arranged into a classical, soulful and jazzy song. I'm a huge fan of Yoko Kanno and I must say: one of my favorites.
ora ti cerca le lacrime
che hanno formato l’oceano
nel quale sempre ritornerai da me...

Tenth, last but not least Four Get Me A Nots - Ways : Frankly, I never thought life could turn out to be far from our expectation. When I said "I was over you, dear", I never thought this could be real. It was just another threaten but when time goes by I realized that's how do I feel. I want a better life. Being with a wrong person in a wrong moment could destroy your life rapidly. I always think what goes wrong and how to fix it but ignoring another crucial aspects in my life. I realize he didn't feel and want the same thing, so what's the purpose of holding on scattered pains? 
I believe everything happens for a reason. If he keeps hurting me, it means I'm the fooled one to keep believing that someday he will turn into a better person. Never expects a man to change; unless he wants it. The least I can do is left him for our goodness. Maybe I'm not good enough for him or even he is not good enough for me. To be honest, I want to maintain our friendship, but according to my previous experience he barely can't professionally keep friendship-relationship with his Ex *duh*. What I give to him is a freedom to choose; he should take a risk in everything he chose. I try to look ahead now, move on. If one day we accidentally meet each other, all I want to say is (as a part of his past and vice-versa) : "How are you? I hope your life is happy."

Thought we were both walking the same path
Ignoring everything and looked ahead
I moved on through, but swerved away
The distance grew
Why did I not notice anything
If I had reached out my hand to you
You are the only one that know where I'm weak
You're the one I say "I'm home" to
My lies my past are all natural
I'll never ask for you to forgive
In the trails you and I have left
Every inch had a good reason / There was not a single mistake
There is more than one destination
If we could meet one day
At the end of the one that you chose
Then put our hands together and say
"Hey, how have you been"
Till that day I guess we'll say good bye

Universally anthem for those love-worshiper, please welcome, The Cardigans - Love Fool :

Note: This post was used to be a post dedicated for a Placebo song, due to internal problem with the Youtube channel then I decided to change it into a singles collection. Wish me successfully collect another singles based on certain topic. Thank you for watching and enjoy my posts :)

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