May 5, 2013

Spring in Love Giveaway from Lancôme: Yes, May celebrates Spring also

Hello May~!

In a flash of wind suddenly it's May already! Woa!

I don't know what and which article to post in order to celebrate the beginning of May. Should I start from my review of giveaway from Lancôme Indonesia #SpringinLove entry contest?

The Gift Bag <3
The gift consisted of free samples: Lancome L'absolu Rouge #365 (1,5 ml); Hypnôse Doll Eyes in SO BLACK! (2ml); Lancôme Visionnaire Correcting Polishing Cream (5 ml); and Lancôme Eau Micellaire Douceur Express cleasing water (15 ml).

The samples are the mini-me version of Lancôme original products. Whilst the size does bother me (I eagerly want the real product as the gift *Azas Manfaat) the benefit and effectiveness of the sample product is the same with the original size. I won the prize after submitting make-up look photo based on it's established theme #SpringinLove contest. (Below photos are the mini-me products listed upon, and submitted photo for the contest) *Geez, why on earth my thumb looks gigantic?*
For make-up-of-the-day, I trusted Lancôme for being my beauty partner for today. I began with moisturizer as my basic routine, concealer and two-way cake for finishing. 

First, Moisturize as the mother-of-all. I used Lancôme Visionnaire Correcting Polishing Cream as pre-preparation. The texture is easy to layer lotion. It has a little bit fragrance but not distracting the whole impression. The result: dewy skin. Nice choice to be basic step before applying foundation or two-way cake.

Second, I started it out from my lashes: I am the type of person who have love-and-hate relationship with mascara. Some mascaras fail to give me thick and long lashes, while only few can give the barely-dolls-eyes. Lancôme successfully does. Hooray! From bare naked lashes into dolled-lashes then I should appraise Lancôme for doing the magic. Thick and long lashes could make you wide awake, then for me, somehow mascara is quintessential product after lipstick.
Finally I have lashes :'D *taken using indoor flash*
Last one, Lancôme L'absolu Rouge #365. The color itself almost looks like maroon. Somehow, when I applied it to my lips, the texture more like satin finished after all this time I thought it will be matte finishing. Oh yeah, perhaps it resulted from the effect of the balm; I used to put on lip balm before applying any lipstick :P Overall, the pigmentation of the lipstick is not disappointing: not too creamy for me and gives 'roaring' color. Kinda have satin texture in your lips; smooth yet silky :9

I tried to put on flowery outfits, but my mood today brought me to army zone O_O my means, I wanted to use army jacket so bad. It distracts the main idea of the article as well (since the topic is welcoming May's Blooming Flowers) but I think that girly-boyish style could fuse to one. So, whaddya think of my impromptu fashion mix ? 

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