Apr 29, 2013

I'm like a Rose: Lee Hi's inspired MV with ARTDECO

New Make-up Brand that caught my attention: ARTDECO. It's a make-up brand from the land of OctoberFest: Germany. While in Indonesia, they only have outlets in Mall Kelapa Gading and Pluit Village; not so many outlets comparing to Korean beauty products. The reason behind my article? I was inspired by Ms. Theresia in Muses Wonderland post of ARTDECO's Lipstick #33 which captured my attention. Whilst, I am also head-over-heels with Lee Hi's latest single & MV "Rose" which match well with the color of the lipstick. LOVE IT! Chu!

"If you want my heart, you need to take my pain too
Because you will be pricked by my thorns someday."

"Lee Hi - Rose"
Have you watch video above? I have to admit that Lee Hi's single in a glance is visualized many girls' love life; for me those lyric posted above relates to my love life *ugh*. Okay, enough FYI, despite my review of ARTDECO's lipstick, I'm trying to have make-up of the day inspired from Hallyu MV - the talk-of-the-town: Lee Hi - Rose.
Make-up transformation in her Video
Anyhow, I chose the Pink eyelids & Lips as my inspiration since I heart the Rose crown on her head *gak nyambung* :') even though finally I forgot to put roses on my crown. Hahaha. Fail.

For the make-up ingredients, I put Sari Ayu Trend Warna 2009 #Reog (only used the pink-purple base) as the eyeshadow and finished the lips with Artdeco #43 for pale-rosy complexion.  Hmmm, far from Lee Hi, oh well, because Lee Hi has so milky & white complexion comparing to me (҂⌣_⌣)/| 
Lipstick ARTDECO #43
Swatch under natural light
Maafkan penampakan tangan saya yang jelek >.<
Eyeshadow Sari Ayu Trend Warna 2009 #Reog
I only used the Pink-Purple undertone
ARTDECO lipstick has soft texture and complexion; if you pay attention to the color in the tube and on the swipe; it has different color, the swipe in the lips has sheer finishing while Sari Ayu eyeshadow gave pigmented color either in the tube or in the eye lids. 

So, what do you think? Do I look like people who fall in Love? :b

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