Apr 9, 2013

Back to 50's: Retro Style

First of all, sorry for spamming the blog with my narcissistic photo set. However, found out this gorgeous and elegant polka dot dress inside my closet that already hung up for centuries. Inspired me to create photo set themed: Retro Style.

I brought this dress from a thrift store in Finland: yes, second hand store. For only EUR 5, I got this cute polka dot dress with a vintage feeling plus I help the organization that running the thrift store: fyi, in Finland, the local government conducts a working program that helps the unemployed and homeless people to work in government's subsidiary project one of the program is profoundly running a thrift store. When will Indonesia establish such kind of program???

It's nice to be (once) a philanthropist yet a shopping-girl. Hehehe :> While for my make-up, I emphasized the focus on my lips to make a contrast look between the girly polka dot against the bold pink lipstick. As cherry on top, I added a straw hat to make it looked picnic ready. Frankly, I want to look like a gyaru girl, but it ended up look like a retro girl from 50's, hahaha, maybe because of the dress.

Base : Caring's TWC in Fusion Beige #03;
Eye : Pencil eye liner from Revlon in Black, Liquid eye liner from Maybelline in Black *tons and tons of mascara + eye liner were applied to make my eyes wide awake :D
Lips : Fanbo Fantastic lipstick #01, Sari Ayu MoistPome LipColour in Denting Kecapi (I used the glittery one)

Dress: Vintage; Straw Hat: Strawberry Girl's Shop
Closer look: Focus on the Eye
Close Up

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