Apr 10, 2013


I have undefined interest with Chinese culture.

Perhaps it was resulted from my late father habits who religiously watched every kung-fu movie (Judge Bao, The Condor Heroes, etc. You named it), had firm faith in Chinese philosophy, and had broad mind regarding chinese's art & culture appreciation. 

Once I asked my mother about the meaning of my name; she said my father was the one who gave me the name, not both of my parents. The only thing I knew that my father named me "Yuanita" in terms of chinese word 'Yuan' 元 , okey. When I looked out in google, yuan could refer to: Bersinar damai (Shines peacefully); taman kerajaan (A royal park); or Yuan's dynasty. WOT?

Therefore, every time I go to a china town, historical site containing Chinese culture, or Chinese cultural event, the whimsical Chinese ambiance reminds me of my father. Least thing I know; he named me "Yuanita" so I will have prosperous life (like the Yuan Dynasty), having lady-like attitude (since Yuan commonly used as a female baby's name in China) and all the good things related to the term.

Funnily, even though I'm a hardcore Japanese culture geek aka Otaku, at glance, I also have interest with Chinese culture. I have an addiction with things related to Lotus flower: the common flower in Buddhism. When I visited Semarang on 2012, I went to this Pagoda named Avalokitesvara Watugong and bought a small sake's cup and a lotus candle. The lotus itself means the flower of wisdom while every time I see the cup, it reminds me of my father who once said this inspirational quote: 
"Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship. " — Buddha

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