Apr 20, 2013

JKT48 Mini Haul


Yepp, as you have read on the title, these are my JKT48 haul; original merchandise (minus the magz, forgot to take a photo T_T). I've been busy at the moment and forget to post about my current obsession: JKT48. Hahaha. Here is some blah to decor your day :D

Thoughts about JKT48 :

  • Who's your Oshimen? Mine is HARUKA NAKAGAWA :"> *even though the sticker is showing Rena Nozawa -_- No Harugon sticker available atm* I'm also into Ve~! :3
  • Why should be Harugon? She is KAWAII! So cute! Witty! Funny! Love her easy-going character. Despite the fact she barely can't speak Indonesia, she mingles very well with other JKT48 members. Also respect her attitude when Atsuko Maeda (AKB48) has scandal after Atsuko's graduation party.
  • Jikoshoukai : "Still a newbie, not yet a vvota. Never give up to learn!"
  • Favorite song : Baby! Baby! Baby!
  • What do you think about JKT48? KAWAII-DESU YO! They are so cute, especially Harugon :3 they proudly admit that they're the sister group of Japan's biggest idol: AKB48. Comparing to other Indonesian girl band, Hello Cherr*Bell*, which is often called as imposter, they have their own trademark by making innocent & cute student image plus they has some guts to face against Korean-Hallyu mainstream. Even though my auntie said I'm way too old to be their fan, I think I'm not the only one :P
  • First impression? When I saw Melody at TV, I was like "Wow, she is charismatic. I like the way she behaves." but it turned out I adore Harugon so much :')
  • Fact or fiction? I am scared of vvota. I mean it. It's fact :/
  • Dreams come true? Meet harugon face-to-face and say "Anata wa kawaiiii-desu yo!" *kalo bisa sekalian cubit pipitnya :3 *
  • For more detailed information about JKT48, you can check JKT48 Fan Blog
Harugon :3
The Single that made me fall in Love with them: Baby! Baby! Baby! (PV SHARP AQUOS) :')

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