Apr 28, 2013

Bromo Trip #2 Post

Hello Fellow Traveler, 


I was mesmerized by the magnificent scenery of Bromo Mountain, indeed, my first trip to Bromo hypnotized me in a way that nature and the art of photography collided into one and left trail of memories sublime from the beauty of one of the magical mountain in Hinduism. Care to share? Yes.

This post is a continuous post from the past article of my Bromo trip. The photos was taken using NIKON D90 belongs to my dear friend Panji in which most of photo shoot was taken by himself and the others by me. For more convenient viewing option, you can see my photo set at my flickr account :) ---> mbetmbem

"Your companion during your journey will define the journey."

Note: All of the photos are not-Photoshoped due to the natural beauty of the scenery and object. More photos will be post on Flickr account for more convenient viewing :)

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