Apr 3, 2013

Words: Shiina Ringo & Tokyo Jihen best singles collection

I've been vulnerable lately. 

Words even can't express my feeling.

Perhaps Shiina Ringo & Tokyo Jihen songs would help illustrating how those feelings adorn inside. 

Their singles relate to many parts of my life..

It helps to express mine.

Maybe it will also entertain you...

Some of you might wonder who is Shiina Ringo?; let me tell you briefly. Shiina Ringo-san (椎名林檎) is notably known as Japanese singer-songwriter, music producer, and music composer. Most of her music genre are coalition of Rock, Punk Rock, Alternative Rock, Experimental Rock, Chamber music, Chanson, Jazz, Big Band, Bossa Nova, Adult contemporary, Funk, Hip Hop, Electronica, Kayokyoku, Enka *phew* She is prominent within and outside Japan for her brilliant and eclectic song writing-composing style.

In 2004 she formed Rock band entitled 'Tokyo Jihen' or Tokyo Incidents (東京事変) but finally disbanded on February 2012. Mean while, Tokyo Jihen more likely influenced by Rock, Jazz, and Pop genre, somehow they're still worth listening to. One of prominent music producers, Seiji Kameda-san (亀田誠治) also participated in the band as a bassist. Tokyo Jihen was under the labels of EMI Music Japan(distributor)/Virgin Music (label) from 2004–2012 with their first single 'Gunjou Biyori' or Ideal Days for Ultramarine (群青日和) released in 2004. However, the one that caught my attention is 'Sounan' or A Distress (遭難) that once aired in subscribed-Television 'Animax'.

For those who still wondering  what they look and sound like...may I have your honor to take a bow for them.
Tokyo Jihen: Full Formation
Tokyo Jihen (Before revoked): Shiina Ringo, Kameda Seiji, Hata Toshiki, Miko Hirama & HZM
Shiina Ringo


Tokyo Jihen - 恐るべき大人達
Les Adultes Terribles

Shiina Ringo - 本能 Instinct
 Shiina Ringo - Stem

椎名林檎 - 「月夜の肖像」 form 党大会 Short Ver.(FAVE)

Shiina Ringo - 椎名林檎 - 青春の瞬き

Shiina Ringo - IT WAS YOU

椎名林檎 - 長く短い祭

I am a HUGE fan of Shiina Ringo-san and Tokyo Jihen. Been listening to them since 10 years ago and can't wait to hear more of their masterpiece. There are (still) more of their fabs songs in the net, unfortunately not all songs are having their own video on Youtube and EMI Music Japan is likely so restricted in preserve their copyright. Anyhow, I will update later and don't forget to try listening them for more *promote*. 

FYI: Currently TJ & SR  already had their official YOUTUBE page, you can check Tokyo Jihen Youtube Page and Shiina Ringo Youtube Page.

God Bless Shiina Ringo and Tokyo Jihen.

Credit: Youtube, Tumblr, google


  1. Have a beautiful holidays in my origin country (Portugal) good spot to surf! Where do you go?

    And then Maldives??? WAOUUUUUUU stunning vacation!

    >This little pink summery dress look really cute!

    And where did you buy your fan?? LOve it!! :)

  2. Thank You Oscar Edward :) if I'm not mistaken I bought the fan in the train on my way back to Jakarta, cost less than USD 20 Cent~!

  3. came across this blog googling about shiina ringo, so good to see fellow fan out there.
    my only wish is to have them recognized more before they disbanded :(
    i miss tokyo jihen

    1. Hi Jeremy,
      yes, too bad TJ already disbanded but on the other hand it's good to see Shiina Ringo-san collaborating again with her previous band mate, Ukigumo, in her latest single 'Nagaku Mijikai Matsuri'

      for me, it's like a fresh breeze :)


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