Apr 14, 2013


Both of them are like my supreme God in the House music scene, so I can't choose which one I love the best. It's such a difficult decision to make! Don't make me choose, please...



DJ Kawasaki is a somewhat a newcomer, a rookie if you will. However shortly after he released his debut album "Beautiful" in fall of 2006, he became a staple and a new ambassador for Japanese club and dance music.

He usually makes his own original compositions in music in addition to remixing other people’s songs. The reason why I call him Mr. MPC 3000 is that he is known for using an Akai MPC 3000 drum machine for making his fabulous beats.
cited : last.fm/DJ Kawasaki

In my opinion he has unique house/dance music scene by successfully mixing house with soulful music into his tunes. According to his official Facebook Page, he listed his genre as HOUSE/CROSSOVER. Wow, such a genius term. Nevertheless, his music ingredients not only limited to House, he countably added musical instrument such as Trumpet as his typical tune.

In addition, he often featuring with surprising act like Lena Fujii, Tasita D'Amour, Lori Fine, COMA-CHI, etc and gives fresh sound than any other typical House/Dance music DJ. Actually, one of my favorite song from him is [Paradise] feat. COMA-CHI, but due to restricted distribution from EMI Music Japan, unfortunately I can't upload/show you here.

For more information about DJ Kawasaki, you could check in Official Website(in Japanese). 
DJ Kawasaki Official Facebook
DJ Kawasaki Official Twitter @djkawasaki
DJ Kawasaki Official MySpace
DJ Kawasaki Official Blog

Newbie for House music genre could listen to his Hit single first, DJ Kawasaki feat Lena Fujii - [Bright Like Light] :

or, listen to my favorite tune DJ Kawasaki feat COMA-CHI - [Paradise] :

IN ADDITION: HE IS SUCH A HUMBLE PERSON! Many times he replied my tweet and I was so glad that being one of his fan :') 



Daishi Dance (ダイシ・ダンス) is a male Japanese DJ born in 1976.

Daishi Dance performs in the heart of Sapporo, creating melodious house mixes that feature vocals conveying grief and discontent, and using three turn tables in a hybrid DJ style. Daishi Dance has performed at many events with artists such as Studio Apartment and FreeTEMPO. He has performed at CLUB YELLOW, in Roppongi, as well as with Morita Masananori of Studio Apartment, as the duet “MUSeUM", which performs at many regular events in the club. Since March, 2008, Daishi Dance has performed at the club ageHa, in Shinkiba, Tokyo- at the regular party called “POOL HOUSE”, and certain other events. On July 2, 2008, Daishi Dance released "The Ghibli Set", which contained 12 licensed remixes songs featured in movies created by Studio Ghibli. This album hit number 12 on the Oricon charts, and remained at this position for 3 weeks.
cited : wikipedia

I do agree with Wikipedia, since most of his songs often sound sad or should I call it melodic-dance house music? Comparing to DJ Kawasaki, DD mainly perform live in Northern part of Japan precisely in Sapporo area. He is also mainly active user of Youtube, or any other social media activity not forget to mention his 'active' Discography since 2006. His typical music mix house with classical instrument especially Piano; could be listening at his released album compilation entitled "The P.I.A.N.O. set"

For more detailed information about DD, you could check link provided below : 
DAISHI DANCE Official Website (in Japanese) 
DAISHI DANCE Youtube Channel
DAISHI DANCE Official Twitter @daishidance7
DAISHI DANCE Official Facebook

DAISHI DANCE 3rd album 'Spectacle.' preview is provided below, cekidot :

I recommend DAISHI DANCE -【Planetarium.】as your first entry :
Waddya think? Obviously they are the only two DJs I wanted to see live: fresh from Japan. Even though you are not House/Dance music scene party animal, at least you should (once) try listening to them in order to enrich your variety of music genre. Isn't it right, dear reader?

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