Apr 6, 2013

One Day around Sabang Area, Jakarta

I love city exploring. Jakarta has sooo many places to go. Unfortunately, not all interesting sites are easy to reach nor recognized for common people.

Sabang area is located in Central Jakarta. Famously known as one of historical and one-stop entertainment district for local or expatriate. One day, friend of mine, Hana *say hello to Hana*, asked me to take her for making visa photo. After discussed several points, we decided to go to Sabang area since those Street is widely known for recommended place to make Visa photo.

Suddenly I remember a photo studio famously known since 70's. I barely can't remember the name, but it should be the oldest and antiqued photo studio in the street. Hahaha. Finally, we made it through those photo studio; it is known as Jakarta Foto. By the time we stepped into the studio, we met a fellow politician who just came out from the studio. We just found out that he has higher position in governmental institution since he took a ride in M-Benz with a RI-68 license number. Does anybody know the license number belongs to which ministry/institution?

I assumed that this photo studio is also familiar within the (old generation) politician or (old generation) higher-class society. However, if you ever been to those studio you will be surprised for it's exterior design: looks old enough and not-distinctly different comparing to other photo studios. Further more, we came inside the studio and greeted by the owner of the studio; an old Chinese-descendant male. His warm greetings was the one that I'll always remember. 
Jakarta Foto Studio in Sabang
Hana in front of Jakarta Foto *lol*
After several process for making the visa photo, we left the studio for a Lunch break. I wanted a roasted or fried duck so bad, so we ended up in Bebek Ireng Suroboyo "Cak Baz" in Sabang. Located in the remote street afar from main street of Sabang, we were confused for having lunch in a secluded restaurant. When suddenly a group of worker came and filled the Restaurant, oh, it was not that quiet. Finally, both of us ordered same menu "Bebek Peking Goreng" aka Fried Bebek Peking for IDR 32.000,- quite pricey, huh? But, the taste: Incomparable. The meat tastes so juicy! A little bit sweet but crispy. The sambal? Spicy to the max! Using fried Rawit chilies and chili oil, the fusion of juicy duck meat with the sambal made me feels like in culinary heaven. Stuffed.
Pekingnese Duck (The biggest size of duck meat I've ever seen)
Thank God I'm living in Culinary Heaven: Indonesia
The Ambiance: Looks like an ordinary cafetaria
After finished our lunch, we came back to the photo studio to take Hana's photos. Then we decided to go somewhere around the city for hang out and stranded in Kota Kasablanka's Carrefour. Hana wanted pizza so bad, so, we bought slices of Pizza from Carrefour for our snack. Hmmm, tastes so good. The thin crust is not like one famous Pizza Restaurant: It's thin yet full of fillings (cheese, minced meat and tomato). Can I say it's worth the price? For only IDR 9.500,- you will get unbelievably cheap super market snack. Next time I will explore more to find gusto menu or snack for reference, nom nom nom.
Carrefour Pizza, cheap yet delicioso!

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