Apr 9, 2013

Beach Baby: Sempu Island

Been tired and exhausted for the whole day: dunno but feels like life throws it's bomb on me. Everything seems to be beyond my expectation. Suddenly I remembered my last trip to beach around year ago (October 2012), in which the last time I disembarked my self to a sandy beach of Sempu Island and felt so, relax.

I don't know the exact route to Sempu Island using private vehicles, since we rented a car + driver from car rental service available in our hotel. Well, at least it took around 3 hours from central of Malang into Sendang Biru harbor; the main entrance to Sempu Island. 

The whole areas are mainly fisherman village, several shops & restaurants and a sea-conservatory station since Sempu Island is listed as conservatory area. For those who has interest with trekking, thus Sempu gives you unbeatable experience and unforgettable scenery because Sempu Island is facing the Indian Ocean in the West, South, and East side; has a waterfall beneath the Island called Segara Anakan; and it takes 1-2 hours to get by there by traipse. One package.

To get across Sempu Island from Sendang Biru harbor costs IDR 100.000,- for back-and-forth pick up service using wooden tug (heyho people, it's a fixed fee. No bargaining). Remind the tug's captain to pick you up at certain time, since he won't wait for you all day long in the Sempu Island's side. You can also hire a tour guide to get inside the Sempu Island from the Tug's captain / Tug's station if you didn't have any experience exploring Sempu Island.

Mine was satisfied by only across the Sendang Biru and landed on the Yellowish-sandy beach of Sempu. Beach ambiance never fails to impress me. Ahhhh, life never been this better. Ever.
note: All of the photos are not-Photoshoped due to the natural beauty of the scenery and object.

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