Apr 5, 2013

Vintage One is (usually) the Best One: Prickley Heat Powder by St. Luke's

Does anybody know this product? It's like a serendipity when first time I knew this product. My grandma used to talk about this magic powder but since she has some problem (err) with her memory, she barely can't remember the name/brand. Until one day I found it accidentally while sightseeing in one of shopping mall.

Maybe it's already my destiny to use this cooling powder *haish* since I don't use any other product instead this one. It helps me, a lot, when I got rash or bitten by mosquitoes (since Tropical climate is heaven for mosquitoes). The price? Unbelievably cheap! Around Rp. 20.000,- or USD 2. The benefits are :
is the original cooling, refreshing and soothing powder which is effective in relieving itching, prickly heat rash and skin irritation from hot weather. To be used after bath as an antiseptic and absorbent dusting powder. Scent of lavender makes you feel fresh and relaxed. Proper for daily use in family.

SNAKE BRAND PRICKLY HEAT LAVENDER POWDER. (according to their official website www.britishdispensary.com)
Snake Brand Prickly Heat powder, developed over 60 years ago is the original cooling powder, refreshing and soothing powder which is effective in relieving itching, prick heat rash and skin irritation from hot weather. With its fresh scent of natural essential oil, it is perfect for daily family use. Its unique metal package can keep its coolness and natural fragrance fresh for a long time.
Snake Brand Prickly Heat Lavender Powder
The relaxing lavender scent is suitable for all-year-round use
note: In some countries outside Thailand, Snake Brand is marketed under St. Luke’s Brand.
Front look: Lavender scent
St. Luke's Prickly Heat Powder: Lavender
The scent: unbelievably soothes and fragrant. However, the menthol fragrant is a little bit to strong.
The texture itself is smooth and glides easily; also gives cooling sensation for your skin. 
The packaging is classic yet unique for it's vintage tin can; one of the reasons I bought this product over any other products. 
The net weight 150 gr for small size like mine and 250 gr for bigger size. 
Various Scents.

Too bad in Indonesia there are only 2 variants available in the apothecary: Classic and Lavender. Hiks.
Sometimes it's hardly to find especially if you're living in small town. Perhaps you should find by asking from one to another apothecary.

What do I say? WORTH IT! Mine already bought 2 times when it's run out of content / already finish. This time I should say Thank You to My Grandmother for introducing me to this-unknown-cooling powder which reveals to be a Snake Brand Prickly Heat Cooling Powder. Hahaha :D


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