Oct 8, 2013

A Silver Lining: Silver Eyeliner with SILKY GIRL

Silver Liner gives you dramatic and sleek look with only a single stroke line. Good choice for a lazy day out.

I'm about to show you my experiment using Silver Liner. It's a great choice if you want to have different and bold look. First of all, start with dewy and clean face. After cleaning up your face, gently pat moisturizer and base cream like mine, Etude House Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base in Peach. If you want to have more fresh-er look, dab loose powder as finishing.

Second step; grab a Black and Silver liner. I use Maybelline Hyper Sharp liner in Black and Silky Girl Pencil liner in 08 Frosty Silver. Stroke the black liquid liner along your upper eye lashes and finish it with silver line above the black liner to give dimension.

Last step; Silver (or any other vivid liners) is hardly to match with pigmented blush, so I suggest you to avoid blush or choose pale pink blush. The main point in here is your lips, let your lips could do the talking. Frosty pink or pale pink will suit the frostiness of the silver liner. I swipe NYX Round Lipstick in Fig which has hint of soft pink. Last but not least, do not forget to shape your eye brow to give more definition to your face shape :)
Btw, do you want to know my inspiration? She is MONDAY MICHIRU :) Click link for further information abour her or click PAC website.

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