Sep 25, 2013

Color Me Bad: MAYBELLINE Color Tattoo in 45 Bold Gold

"Here I go the beautiful one, the beautiful one. La la la la."

Whenever I see gold eyeshadow around, there are 2 things pop-out from my mind: either typical 'wedding' eyeshadow look or rocker's make-up. Gold and creamy eyeshadow is kinda interest me; it is either a 'hit' or a 'miss'. So,what's my verdict for this most-talk-of-the-town creamy eyeshadow?

The first time I saw Color Tattoo series is on US Magazine adv whereas they have 9 color options; whilst in Indonesia only 5 colors available ;A; The price ranges around IDR 59.000 and easily reach in your nearest department store, drug-store, etc. Furthermore, according Maybelline official website, there are 3 products from Color Tattoo series: Color Tattoo Cream Gel (already released in Indonesia), Metal & Pure Pigments Loose Powder; too bad Maybelline Indonesia only released 1 product *sobs*.

WOW. The first time in my mind when I saw and grabbed the jar for the first time: it's (very) sturdy and solid. The jar made from solid glass while the cap from plastic. The funny thing is you won't notice that actually the glass cover is the bottom side of the jar. What I like from the jar is the clear and transparent glass help us to see the content inside the jar. Hence, it's single color helps us to pick which one to use/bring. What do I dislike? Frankly, it's heavy weight discourage me to bring it along. Not travel-friendly I guess and I'm afraid it will be cracked if it falls down *emangnya mau buat tawuran*

Very creamy. The first time you swap it one your finger it feels creamy, but after you apply it in your eye lids (or skin) it becomes bit powdery. Kewl! However, I use my finger tip when applying the cream, I don't suggest eye brush or sponge for application, it makes the cream stains in your brush not your eye lids. However, you may use one if you think it's necessary.

So pigmented! Sparkling! Shimmering! Maybelline does a very god job! One single swipe of cream shadow creates a vivid sparkles. It looks so 'parade' at your finger tips but after you blend it well, voila, it looks glamorous enough for a day. Comparing to Japanese shimmering powder, this creamy shadow less shimmering; I try to compare it with Majolica Jeweling Eyes in Golden color too. But the finishing result of Maybelline tend to have uneven color results.

Sparkling enough. Long lasting formula (as they have promote it as 24-hours staying power.) Doesn't glide easily on your (oily) lids, suitable for oily skin (ever since cream shadow tend to be un-friendly to oily skin). Great for daily look or even night-out.

So, my verdict is with Maybelline Color Tattoo from Color Studio is a must-have-item. It is inexpensive. Good pigmentation. Long lasting. Suitable for oily-skin (like mine). And having great sparkles.  Too bad it isn't on my travel-list item :-/ So, what about your Color Tattoo experience? Feel free to tell me :)


Result on my eye lids (without Primer)


  1. ih bagus ya yang gold... soft gold look gitu jadi simpe tapi eyecatching yaaa.. ah sukses deh bikin racun


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