Sep 11, 2013

One lazy afternoon

Hello readers ♥

It's September already and it's known as the laziest time of the year (loh?) so, I'm trying my best to make quick post of my daily look for lazy time.
It might be a lil' bit boring for you since I'm going to make a quick post :p I'm using my latest MAKE OVER lipstick and KATE wide edge eye shadow to create lazy look on Sunday afternoon. I was sooo inspired by Mika Nakashima in Nana Movie. Edgy look with a bit of girly touch. However, in the end I think it is similar with Mika Nakashima in 'LOVE' album below.

OMG. I think I'm obsessed with smoky eyes nowadays :|
Skin: Etude House Cotton Fit in W15
Eyes: KATE Eyeshadow Wide Edge; Revlon kohl Black eye liner
Lips: MAKE OVER Ultra Shine Lipstick #2
I would love to review more about KATE Eyeshadow, due to hectic work at office I'm unable to focus my mind on blogging ㅠ_ㅠ However, This is my first post from Phone, a lil bit wreck here and there but I think it's bearable.
Here is a quick look on my 'sharp' look, I hope you like it and inspire you :)

Voila~! :D

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