Sep 18, 2013

Make Me Matte: MAYBELLINE MAT 5 Bold Matte

Hello Ladies, How's your September been doing? I've been craving since, well, around 2010 (?) for this Color Sensational & Color Tattoo range from Maybelline. Now let me share to you my impression of Color Sensational Bold Matte lipstick, shall we? ;)

Maybelline Color Sensational has came into 2 series in Indonesia: Color Sensational & Bold Matte (Color Whisper and even Color Vivids and Pearls! Too bad, recently they're only available in US. oh gosh so many to mention.) However, Color Sensational Bold Matte is the one that captivating my attention. I wonder how "Matte" is this Bold Matte gonna be?

Sleek. Yet sophisticated. I guess each Color Sensational range represents it's color within in it's outer tube. You can barely guess the lip color from its tube. The Bold Matte series has matte texture on its outer tube while Color Sensational has sleek, glossy & jewel tone packaging yet less vivid than Vivids range (available in US only) However, I gotta be honest; it's twisting tube looks lil bit un-sturdy, isn't it?

Matte, but with a hint of moisturizer! Love it~! I think it will be 'that' matte, but it ends up with matte finishing with enough hint of moisture on the lips. If I should say, Bobbi Brown signature lipstick end up more matte-er than Maybelline Bold Matte. Good choice if you want to try gradient lips.

MAT5 is very pigmented. The red hue tends to be warm color which is suitable with my warm skin tone; great choice for warm skin tone. While MAT6 is more red-er, darker and vampier (?) comparing to MAT5 (even though both of them are same red hues but you can see the differences even using your naked eyes) The result? Velvety and lush lips.

Long lasting, and very, very pigmented. Just apply one layer of swipe then voila, it gives enough coverage for your lips. Layer 2-3 swipes for daring & bold look. No need to worry for a crack-y lips, the honey nectar ingredient formula will help your lips moist and subtle.

My verdict? I must say I'm impressed. I love Bold Matte more than the Color Sensational series: because I don't like (and suit well) with satin-y finish. It's inexpensive around IDR 72.900 and you can reach it in your nearest Department Store, Drugstore, etc. Should I say: DARE TO BE BOLD. Well, how about you? Let me know ;)

Maybelline (should I say?) Haul: Color Sensational Bold Matte MAT5 & Color tattoo Series in Bold Gold
Swatch (1x swipe)
Complete Color Review (Some colors only available in US)
Swatch on my lips. *kyaaa, I feel embarrassed*

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