Sep 22, 2013

Be Sweet and Gold: How-to-look

Hello Dear! Time for a how-to-look for the first time. Are you ready? Let's go :)

I adore everything glitter-ing and shimmering and love to apply it for a day out. So, what about some goldish accent on your face? Here's the step-by-step, enjoy!
Start with clean and moist face: Moist face will absorb enough moisture and makes your face healthy & dewy. After cleaning your face with facial wash, apply goobs of moisture; in my case, I put also Etude House Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base to even out my skin tone. Baby Choux Base makes your skin a little bit lighter than your original skin-tone but it helps your make-up to 'pop-out'.

Here are my make-up products, I'll list down from L-R: KATE Eye shadow in Wide Edge Eyes BR-2 (Aww, too bright, sorry you can't see the eye shadow!); VIVA Eye Brow Pencil in Black; MAKE OVER Lipstick in Ultra Shine Lipstick #02 Brunet Pink: Maybelline Mascara in Hyper Curl Volume Express in Black.

If needed, scrub your lips and use lip balm before applying lip stick. In case you have crack-y and dry lips, scrub gently using wet and warm towel and directly use lip balm to maintain moisture. Moist lips makes your lips kissable *giggles* and your lip color will stay longer. I use soft pinkish lipstick from MAKE OVER in Ultra Shine Lipstick #02 Brunette Pink.

Make-Up is about having fun; Go have fun, be creative and free your mind. Yes, I agree that eye part is the most difficult part of the face, since eyes is the window to the soul therefore weird eye trick makes your eyes looks strange and worse could ruin the whole look. No need to worry since once again, make-up is about being creative. I use KATE shadow in Wide Edge Eyes in BR-2. First, blending the base powder all over your eye lids and Medium-Brown shadow on the liner of the eyes. Then, swipe Gold shadow on your lids and finish it with Darker-Brown on the crease of the eye. Voila! 

Don't forget to shape your eye brow, just follow your original shape; a little stroke just to fill the empty space and outer line of the eye brow. For more focus on the eyes, put black eye liner, I use Revlon Kohl Eye Liner in Black, all over your upper line of the lash and 1/2 line on the lower lash of the lash. A thin stroke to frame the lower lash of the eyes so your eyes will look 'sharp' and mysterious. For more references, check out Alexa Chung eye makeup.

So, waddya think? Having fun with make-up is just as simple as playing with your make-up tools. Goldish accent makes your face glamorous and avant-garde, therefore tame it with sweet lips. The point in having Bold and Smoky eye make-up are:  
  • Use soft or nude lipstick to sweeten your 'tough' eyes. Glossy lips is OK; Bold Red Lips is only applicable for Cat Eyes make-up; 
  • Don't be afraid to use other soft colors instead of Gold for your smoky eye like Lavender, Moss Green, etc; 
  • Avoid Blush so you won't look carnival; 
  • Don't forget to frame your eye brow and;
  • Finally, "Smile :) as the most beautiful part of woman's body"
Have a great day, dear reader ♥ Remember my advice: 
"Feel Ugly, Look Beautiful"
bwahahahahaha :)))

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