Jun 10, 2014

ZA: True White Liquid Foundation in OC-30

Heyya fellas :) How are you? Been some time off recently, I've been MIA due to health condition *got severe cough condition in the past moment* that forced me to take a lot of bed rest to restore my condition. Heaven knows I really need a vacation *cough* but I can anticipate the turn-down of being sick by, what else, using good choice make-up base to help your face looks radiantly glowing. Finally I found it on ZA True White Liquid Foundation

So, what's ZA distinction from any other foundation?  It does help my face looks instantly glowing in a minute. This ZA True White Liquid Foundation has 6 shades provided, whereas mine is the darkest shade of all: OC-30. However, this shade seems less suitable with skin tone lighter than mine, even though OC-30 is the darkest shade provided. Total variant of 5 tones with yellowish under-tones and 1 tone for pinkish (PO-10). The glass jar contains 30 ml liquid foundation that has hydrolic *lol* pump to help you easily control the amount of excess liquid. Provided with SPF25 PA++ to help prevent your face skin from UV ray threats and contains Vitamin C & E to maintain your skin moisture and smoothness (for more details here)

Spotless Brightening Powder and Poreless Powder create Pearly White Skin. Contains Vitamins C & E derivatives, minerals and hyaluronic acid for skincare. Its base formula leaves skin feeling satiny, smooth and bright.

Costs for about IDR 167.000 at most notable department store in Indonesia, with a sturdy clear plastic as the outer packaging and clear glass jar for the liquid container. The shape of the jar is ergonomics enough, should I say?, comfortably at the grasp of the hand and looks elegantly when stand alone with its glass and slim jar. FYI, most of ZA product are made of China, which reads as "Made in Taiwan." The product delivers a dewy and brilliantly glowy result; but as the time goes by, the result may vary to matte finishing (depends on your skin & environmental condition; especially if you're working under AC temperature.) However, I should say that the coverage is limited to medium-finish if I allowed to compare it to Revlon Colorstay Foundation which I'm categorized it as Medium to Heavy coverage.

Staying power is normal for a foundation, up to 4-hours with tendency to blend very, very well with your skin. Doesn't make you putting so much effort in applying foundation since the liquid absorbs quickly into your skin. So, in case you want a maximum result for special occasion then loose-powder or setting-powder works best. Daily usage is suggested since the formula won't heavily cover your face skin plus it's liquid texture need no much effort to blend it. However, the SPF formula might be the lowest turn-down since it reflect the light and make my skin looks ghastly :O

My verdict? ZA True White Liquid Foundation works best for daily usage, but during day time the SPF formula can make you look ghastly at first but you can minimize it by using finishing or oil control powder to reduce the pearly effect or just applying sufficient amount. Overall, just buy it. It's worth the price and the result

- Inexpensive price
- Love the pump applicator; helps you with the amount of the desired content
- Hygienic (thanks to the pump applicator) 
- Elegantly slim-look glass jar
- Liquid texture that budge you in application
- Medium coverage; good for daily basis
- Contains skin-care ingredients
- Up to 4-hours staying power
- Dewy and glowy finishing result

- (Too much) SPF formula and pearly result makes you look ghastly
- Less coverage comparing to Revlon Colorstay Foundation; it might be the turn-down especially if you need (or love) heavy coverage
- Creates greasy look after several hours


Another Swatch using ZA
Loving my eye lashes
My verdicts?
I have Love and Hate relationship with this product since the good news it brightens up your my instantly but the downside, it totally makes my skin goes greasy after hours tbh. Even though only few points mentioned above, the downside makes me applying the liquid during the weekend only since the greasy result after hours makes me look so oily. Therefore, I'm still consider it as my daily base product but definitely will put finishing powder as oil control and choose this for a glam or lazy day look. So, how about you? Do you consider it as go-to or as an optional product? Don't hesitate to give me any complaint or suggestion since it helps me to improve my writing skill I hope you will have a Happy reading fellow reader, see you in next post :)

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