Dec 5, 2014

LANEIGE Serum Intense 4 Color Lip Palette

Laneige 2014 Holiday Collection set is total indulgence; it offers 12 package variants for both Man & Woman from their best seller products.

However, this post won't review about the 2014 Holiday Collection set. It will emphasize on 1 item from their 2014 Rose Gold BB Cushion set; the Serum Intense Lipstick 4 Color Lip Palette. The palette comes handy in 9 x 5 cm solid white sturdy plastic pan (with full size mirror inside) enclosed in an embossed metallic outer box. It contains 4 colors lipstick with 0.5 g accordingly and along side with travel size lip brush.

The truth is, the palette comes with Rose Gold BB Cushion set or Glitzy BB Cushion set doesn't leave me choice instead to buy it separately (for IDR 160.000, geez, even though it's written 'NOT FOR SALE') because this set doesn't available in Indonesia ( T_T ) However, the palette color selection is impressive since it's Laneige best seller and popular shade from Serum Intense range.

Furthermore, if you want to check the 2014 Holiday Collection set, you can check it here or  Beautifulbuns post.


The solid white sturdy plastic pan is beautifully contrasted with the vividness of the Serum Intense shades; the 4 color shades are (respectively) from L-R : YR25 Neon Orange/YR24 Twinkle Coral/LR05 Flash Pink/R17 Red Flame.


YR25 Neon Orange : A warm orange with hint of red
YR24 Twinkle Coral : Beautifully pink-coral shade (the lightest shade in the palette)
LR05 Flash Pink : A milky-pink shade with hint of blue undertone
R17 Red Flame : A dark vivid red with blue-undertone (the darkest shade in the palette)

The pigmentation is great which leaves nice stain afterward; it covers up nicely with great opaque finish. The texture is similarly with the other Serum Intense range; it's a creamy serum-infused lipstick in a creamy-sheen finish. The shades are long lasting and doesn't have any fragrance at all plus it has neither shimmer nor glitter substance over.


My Verdict?
I won't say anything unless; brilliantly well-chosen shades. The color selection is versatile for both warm and cool-tone women. Furthermore, the color payoff is absolutely awesome and it's build-able; it covers up my dark & dry patches lip very well. Please do apply lip balm beforehand to avoid dry patches accentuation. Nevertheless, this product is well chosen especially for those who wander about Serum Intense formula and color payoff/selection. Unfortunately, this palette goes with the 2014 Holiday Selection kit, so for those who live in Indonesia will find difficulty to get one since Laneige Indonesia doesn't provide 2014 Holiday Selection kit. Plus, the travel size too small imho; I prefer original size. However, kindly take a look at the pict above and I hope it will give you adequate info


  1. What a pretty set. I'd love to try these colors, they look amazing :)

    1. Thank you Fraulein~ :) the color option is awesome, too bad the palette size is too small imho

  2. Oh very great palette, Laneige is one that brands that I need try soon.
    Thanks for your lovelt Review, Btw my favorite color drom this palette was Flash Pink
    Now I´m following you in Bloglovin´ #12 and GFC #11
    I hope your follow me back
    Comment to me back to keep in touch

    1. Thank you dear~~ I've done following you in GFC, nice to know you :)

      Have a nice day xx

  3. thanks for review. anyway, how can I get it with the price as mentioned above? thanks

    1. Hi Sondang, actually this product is a complementary gift (free gift) for holiday set 2014, not sure it's still available out there but you can try to find it in mena_hob IG where I bought it before.


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