Feb 11, 2015

LUNASOL Full Glamor Lips 08 Soft Red Rose

"My time in front of the mirror each morning is something I enjoy because it wakes me up, calms me down and gets me ready for the day." - Candice Chen

AMEN! It's an irrefutable statement from Makeup Box's author, Candice Chen, which encourages every woman to love herself first and to get ready every day. Lovely. Moving on, another verdict from Lunasol product; the Full Glamor Lips 08 which is promoted as the flagship product and most popular shade in the counter. 

Lunasol is a high-end Japanese decorative make-up product under Kanebo Cosmetics Japan. They emphasize on enhancing women's natural beauty through high quality product with effortless yet captivating formula. Lunasol world famous product is their Skin Modelling Eyes in Beige Beige and Skin Modelling Foundation. Lunasol concept is to create:
- Well groomed skin
- (Utilizing) Light and shadow
- Creating facial creatures 
- Last but not least, a well-purified skin.

According to Kanebo official website, Lunasol is a brand that:
LUNASOL offers a refined, high-quality selection of makeup and skincare items based on the “Purifying Makeup” approach, a ritual of applying makeup in careful steps. LUNASOL products purify not only the outside, but also the spirit within.
With its refined, fashionable color collections, innovative products, and pleasant textures, LUNASOL has captured a strong following of devoted users in Asia. LUNASOL is renowned for its multi-color eye shadow palettes in different gradations. Clear colors and succulent textures lend themselves to easy layering with nuanced effects. The soft beiges and browns to the bright roses, blues, and khakis are especially flattering to Asian eyes.
The water-rich foundations from LUNASOL are also must-haves. Their moist and refreshing sensations conjure a clear, beautiful complexion.
However, the product I will be reviewed here is a set of X-Mas gift from my ex-employer consisting of Nature Color Eyes in BR-03 alongside with Full Glamor Lips in 08 Soft Red Rose. I'm going to review the Full Glamour Lips right away and you can check the Nature Color Eyes review here.

Full Glamour Lips

A new lipstick that comfortably adheres to the lips with a meltingly smooth texture and brings out the beauty of the skin with a fresh color and luster.
Creates appealing lips while maintaining moisture.

Full Glamour Lips available in total 24 shades with most popular shade in the counter 08 Soft Red Rose (according to the BA). The BA said that among the other shades, 08 is more popular because it has more rosy-vivid color with an adherent formula. It's weight for 3.8 gr, made in Japan and encased in a same concept of glamorous copper-rose metallic outer box and case like other Lunasol's decorative products.

It is retailed for Yen 3.000 exclude tax in Japan or in the official website, but luckily Lunasol Indonesia labeled it for IDR 290.000 nett. All information is written in Japanese only limited info imprinted in English. For further info, you can check directly to Lunasol counter or their English version website.


Color Variations

Vast array photos above shows you the outer box of the product while below photos shows you the gorgeous case and bullet shade of Full Glamor Lips.

Comes in an alluring intense rose-gold metallic packaging in a solid metal case, Lunasol's typical packaging defines minimalist yet sophisticated concept without overly dull. The Full Glamor Lips series is encased in alluring sturdy four-squared copper-rose metallic case while their latest lipstick series has silver twister.

Full Glamor Lips has creamy and bit of glossy texture. It doesn't have any pearly/shimmer particles over the swipe; more likely a colored-lip balm feeling. It's like typical Japanese lipstick product: subtle color, fragrance-free, moisten without making it feels too waxy nor too creamy. It makes you lips become plumpy, dewy but not sticky unlike the waxy finish. In case you wonder about 'waxy' feeling, you can check out Kate Rouge for comparison.

Soft Red Rose hue is a warm red-rose color with hint of orange-based. It looks heavily pigmented on the bullet, but when you swipe over your lips it turns merely sheerer due to its moisturizing ingredients. The pigmentation is medium and build-able. Coverage is medium; it's solemnly covering up even a darker lip. The shade is suitable for warmer skin-tone woman and also woman with darker lip color.  

The creamy-gloss feel is long-lasting and can stay up to 3 hours. Reapply when needed but it won't create messy and patches over the surface. It's also fragrance-free and  leaves a nice subtle stain behind. Lip balm usage is optional since this highly-moisturizing ingredients instantly plumping and moisturizing your lip in single swipe.

Against Natural Light


My Verdict?
As a flagship decorative product under Kanebo group, no wonder Lunasol emphasizes on the quality of their product as their trademark. No surprise they are considered as high-end brand targeted for 'refined women' (as they said) with extensive range of neutral and subtle color and highly moisturizing & skin care ingredients. The Full Glamor 08 is indeed the most versatile & flattering Japanese lipstick I ever have. It's flattering and covering up my dark lip very well. The moisturizing agents also doesn't feel sticky and waxy unlike Kate Rouge, but it easily used up and wears off once you started to conduct daily activity such as eating. As far as I concern, many bloggers also confess that the formula of the Lunasol is suitable for minimum-activity career women who tend to stay in AC and dry room, like me. It's effortless yet gives you polished look without making you over-dressed. If you think of getting MLBB lipstick, you should check this one out. Here's another comparison for your further reference by drivelaboutfrivol and fablesinfashion post. For now on, have a brighten day, fellas~

As you know, I'm currently into makeup-box blog posts, a lot. She inspires me with her thorough and deeply affectionate reviews and tutorials. You can see that her advance make-up skill *whoa* easily transforms from dull-to-dazzling in simple and effective way and more tips about concealer, blush, lips and even KATE review. I just. Can't. Get. Enough. Reading. Brb, I need to read more by myself *run*

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