Sep 22, 2015

SHISEIDO The Makeup Stick Foundation O-60

Formulated for those with dry and mature skin. Best used for light to medium coverage with bit powdery finish.

Well, as I said before, this foundation stick was sold on final reduction sale here. The sample size is nearly similar with the regular size, even though I was kinda hesitate to buy sample product. According to the BA, Shiseido makeup stick foundation won't be longer available in Indonesia since they will replace it with new improved formula Sheer and Perfect Foundation.

The Makeup Stick Foundation


IDR 100.000 (Sample)
(USD 38.50 original)


Shiseido stick foundation is a portable and light-weight powdery-finish stick foundation with advanced moisturizing formula. According to Shiseido website:

A creamy stick foundation that glides on effortlessly providing medium coverage and a long-lasting lustrous natural finish while offering exceptional skincare benefits. Provides UV ray protection with SPF 15-18. Conceals fine lines and imperfections. Contains Multi-Nutrient Factor, an advanced moisturizer. Recommended for all skin types.

O60 is an ochre-beige shade with a tad of yellow hue. As you can see, the foundation comes in a creamy stick form whilst the stick is encased in a (very) sturdy shiny-metallic case. According to Shiseido, it is formulated with SPF 15 and offers an exceptional skincare benefits, non comedogenic & dermatologist-tested.

The texture of the stick is creamy, but when you glide it on your skin surface it starts oxidize and leave powdery-matte finish behind. Blends well, lightweight, fragrance-free with light coverage. Do not expect heavy coverage from this product since its lightweight texture offers you with light-medium coverage. Moderate long-lasting, since the foundation lets your skin produces visible oil/grease under the tropical climate environment. Best use for dry-ac temperature environment.

The direct swatch from the stick is lighter than the skin tone (even though O60 is categorized as 'darker shade'), after blended using fingers thus the foundation blends very well with the skin. Below swatches to show you the shade comparison between Shiseido stick foundation and Shiseido concealer.

My Verdict?
Shiseido is classified as high-end array product, with promoted broad skin protection and skin-care formula. The stick foundation is a portable foundation, with light-moderate coverage & lightweight-creamy texture, that will give you powdery-matte finish. Due to its creamy, lightweight texture and endorsed skin-care benefits, the foundation is also suggested for mature skin condition but best used for dry-skin type. The downside about this product might be their staying power whereas the formula might give your skin a chance to produce more oil/grease even though the prior finish comes in a powdery-matte result. Doesn't cover my dark & wrinkling under-eyes very well. The good thing, it's suitable best for daily usage and feels lightweight comparing to conventional heavy-coverage foundation. For more information about this product, you can check Paula's Choice review. Have you tried Shiseido product before?

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