Jan 28, 2016

BEAUTY SPY || Colourpop x City Color


Hello, Beauty Spy is back! Have you ever want to try something so bad but you know it doesn't suit you? In short, I've never been into team Kylie-lip until this very moment. Make-up is about having fun and what looks good on you, thus nude-beige shade is not on my list. I have an unforgiving dark lips and nude-beige lipstick like makes me look ridiculously pale. I prefer to go darker / brighter or go home.

So, my office pal next-door showed me her recent haul from US drugstore-brand: Colourpop and City Color. The first one has been a hype in Indonesian OL shop but the last one is a new-comer in town. Colourpop is a cult-drugstore brand from US which offers endless shades with the latest trend and budget-friendly tag similar with NYX. Meanwhile, City Color is a fairly new brand which offers similar concept with an imaginable price-tag and the latest and high-quality make-up product. 

From Left - Right:
  • COLOURPOP Lippie Stix in "Lady"
  • COLOURPOP Lippie Stix in "Cookie"
  • CITY COLOR City Chic Lipstick in "One of a Kind"

About Colourpop
"We take the phrase “if you can dream it, you can do it” to a whole new level and specialize in making killer makeup in every shade imaginable at prices everyone can afford. We think that whole barrier between fancy and affordable is absolute nonsense. That’s why all of our products have luxury formulas at prices that won’t break the bank."

About City Color
"Your lips are bound to make a statement with our signature City Chic Lipstick. The ultra-creamy formula gives your lips long-lasting color and luscious shine. From luxurious nudes, to vibrant berries and ravishing reds, these buttery lipsticks are ideal for any classic City Chic look."

As you can see, Colourpop encased their product in a pen-styled, white, sturdy plastic whereas City Chic offer a conventional black, matte plastic case but tends on the cheap side. Both are offering an affordable and high quality make-up product similar to NYX (which already gain popularity in Indonesia) however their market share haven't proceed the Indonesian retail market so you have to grab one from OL Shop.

City Color: City Chic in One of a Kind; has a matte, conventional black-case with a peek-a-boo color peeking out from the bottom of the tube but personally I found out the packaging looks cheap. One of a Kind is a mauve-beige nude color with creamy and moisturizing texture that glides smoothly upon application. It tends to bleed easily when used alone but lip liner application is suggested. It  is in-between with the other (colourpop) and fragrance-free, non-shimmery, with an average lasting power. Retailed for $ 4.99 and made-in-china.

Colourpop : Lippie Stix in Cookie is the fairest of them all. Equipped with signature lippie stix packaging, it is encased in a sturdy, white, plastic in a pen-styled tube. Lippie Stix has the most creamiest and moisturizing texture than City Color but it's more pigmented especially from darker/vibrant shades. Cookie is peachy-pink with a milkier hint and tends to set on fine-lines due to its subdued color. Fragrance-free, non-shimmery, and easy to bleed out.

Colourpop Lippie Stix in Lady has the darkest shade of them all. Encased in signature Colourpop lippie stix packaging, it has a deep-berry shade whereas Colourpop website called it a cool-toned Burgundy shade with a matte finish. Opaque coverage and doesn't drying out the lips and gives nice moisture upon application but bleeds easily and quite noticeable when starts to smear off.

Lady is a deep-burgundy berry whereas Cookie & One of a Kind is a demure nude-mauve; One of a Kind is a versatile beige which has deeper hue than cookie with a hint of mauve, whereas Cookie is muted peachy pink with a milkier combination. Both has pigmented and opaque finish with a creamy, moisturizing formula. However, Colourpop offers more moisturizing and supple finish with non-greasy nor sticky feeling. It doesn't cracking and creates dry patches but keep in mind that both products easily smear and bleed off due to its creamier texture. Personally I like Lady most, how about you? I hope you have fun reading my post and see you on next beauty spy!

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