Oct 25, 2016

A'PIEU x Doraemon: To Your Eyeshadow in #5

It's hard to resist another uber-cute collaboration between A'PIEU x Doraemon Limited edition.

First of all, thank you to my stupid blog server, I lost my previous draft while still writing on them. Whilst recount my memory about this product, I'm going to briefly explain about A'Pieu product. A'PIEU is an affordable Korean make-up line brand under the same umbrella with Missha but A'Pieu comes in a distinctly cute-attractive concept. Comparing to the other Korean brands, A'Pieu relatively has more teeny-mini size product.

Similar to previous review A'PIEU x Doraemon: Jelly Marmalade Tint, this limited edition A'PIEU To Your Shadow only available in certain period of time. The dual matte-shimmer palette combination comes in 2.2g*2 nett pressed powder and available in 6 shades in which every shade number has different Doraemon and Dorami animation imprints in each of their front face lid. This product is encased in a sturdy-white case with transparent lid and simply comes in a sealed tape guarantee, without additional plastic seal, without attached mirror, nor additional eye shadow sponge/brush. For those who opt for handy product or prefer to use their own applicator instead, then this product might be overlooked under your radar.

I don't know exactly the price in IDR since I got it as a giveaway prize from my sugarcoffee, however it's retailed for KRW 6.500 and originally made in Korea, meanwhile the shade is written as #5 "Keureonchi Moka" or (thanks to Filia translation) simply read as 'Crunchy Mocha'.

There are 6 shades available listed in numerical order

All 6 shades are under the warm spectrum, in which the left side pan comes as matte-powdery shadow and right pan comes as shimmery accent powder. No. #1 is the lightest shade whereas No. #6 has the darkest combo shade available.
The dual eye-shadow combo is labeled as #5 'Crunchy Mocha'; a warm coppery-brown combo with a coffee-brown matte pressed powder in left pan and noticeable shimmery-pressed powder in right pan. This shade works better for warm skin-tone people (imho) without lessen any credit for cooler skin-tone.
The texture of the coffee-brown shade is finely milled with a matte finish and minimal fall-out. This shade can be used either as base lid color or outer crease color. In contrary, the coppery-brown shade comes as a shimmery-pressed powder with noticeable red-tinged glitter on it. Both shades works well with or without primer; swatch photos below was taken without primer on. Fragrance-free, whereas the staying power is considerably decent.

All swatch photos above was taken in different lightning; as you can see the coffee-brown shade swatch isn't pigmented enough as in the pan, whereas the shimmery powder texture gilds well even without a primer. This dual brown shade combo complements my warm skin-tone nicely, soon I will post eye makeup look as comparison.

My Verdict?
This warm-brown combo is a good epitome of 'Crunchy Mocha'. However, the typical of Korean (or Japanese) eye shadow texture is often loaded with sheer pigmentation but with visibly shimmer; this product displays one of example. The formula of this palette is a combination of modest matte powder collaborated with decent shimmery pressed-powder since most of Korean-Japanese eye-makeup look often refrain from heavy eye-makeup. For single eye-shadow application, apply the build-able matte shade by intensifying the color for bold smokey-look or simply wear the dual-chrome bronze shade for alluring look. Another shades review can be viewed in my sugarcoffee review. Thank you for reading!

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