May 25, 2015

CANMAKE Just For Me Essence Rouge in C04

Another lipstick twist from Japanese Drugstore popular brand, Canmake which was released for Summer 2014 trend.

Ever since Canmake is widely known for exquisite and girly looking packaging, their 'Just For Me Essence Rogue' didn't fail to do so. The first look of the packaging reminds us of Victorian era where lace & flower detail becomes trademark. Speaking of gorgeousness, the cap features with a ring motif with a crystal which is trivially believed :

The cap features a ring motif with a crystal highlight, just like an engagement ring.
The base is designed to be the same size as a size 9 ring.
It's a symbol of our hope that all the girls who wear this lipstick will be lucky in love...♥

According to Canmake website or simply you can check out their Facebook Page:

Just for me Essence Rouge: Moisture for lips prone to roughness
SPF20・PA++・No ultraviolet absorber 

Find a color that's as unique as you are ♡
● Just one coat lets your lipstick play the lead in your make-up.
● A range of colors that blend in well with your skin and enhance your complexion.
True-color finish and natural gloss
● Vivid true-color finish.
● Provides a natural gloss that plumps and enhances the appeal of your lips.

● Clings comfortably to your lips, boosting the staying-power of the color.
Contains beautifying and hydrating agents, for long-lasting moisture
● Moisturizes lips prone to roughness, while covering up those worrying vertical lines.
Contains Honey, shea butter, hyaluronic acid, squalane, avocado oil, peach leaf extract, rosemary extract, Somei Yoshino cherry leaf extract, oat kernel extract
CANMAKE Just For Me Essence Rouge
The lipstick has 4 shades varied: (CO1) Natural Beige, (CO2) Camel Beige, (CO3) Brilliant Red and (CO4) Pink Coral.

It is retailed for Yen 650 before tax, fragrance-free, no details information about the net weight, leaves no glittery nor pearly particles, and sadly not available in Canmake Indonesia concept store (yet).

The outer packaging is beautifully illustrated with lace and girly ornaments with product information written in Japanese with few English (whyyy?) alongside with a slightly transparent panel in front to showcase the inside tube. The tube is gorgeously encased from an engraved solid plastic tube with lace & flowery ornament and golden cap with a ring look-alike. The main attractiveness goes to the ring-alike cap which deserves endless adoration for it's uber kawaii-ness.


Just For Me Essence Rouge in C04


My Verdict?
Aaa, let me have a minute of admiration towards its overloading cuteness. The packaging doesn't fail to impress me; the design and details are to-die-for with its girlishness concept. However, the tube seems a bit 'too frail' even though I say 'solid' but not that sturdy. I often end up getting paranoia in case the tube slips off from my hand and get a crack or broken due to its lightweight packaging.However, for girls with simple and minimalist taste, Canmake design will bother you.

However, do I already tell you about the lightweight texture? The texture feels so lightweight, not sticky but has a slightly filmsy/ bit waxy feeling. I might say that the pigmentation is not that pigmented; 1 swipe of the product resulted in subtle finish but if you made it to 3 swipes will result in more vivid finish with shine. Fragrance-free, no glittery nor pearly particles over the swipe, leaves no stain afterward and lasts to moderate 3-4 hours. The formula is moisturizing enough with dozens of moisturizing agents already mentioned above. In sum, the 'Essence Rouge' name itself already represents the whole concept; a bunch of moisturizing agents formula with a tinge of color. lol. The finish is similar to colored lip balm, so I might consider it as so-so product with overly-cute packaging. If you're type of girl whose an avid fan of cute stuff and tolerate with moderate finish (like me!), this product might be considered. The downside? The pigmentation is tad to pale for me and makes me looks washed out. Hope you find it useful. Thank you for reading x

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