May 5, 2015

INNISFREE Creammellow in #4 Coral Grapefruit

Before the rave slowly fades out, you should check out Innisfree Fall 2014 product which promotes velvety-voluminous lip with great fitting formula.

Sorry for the long-delayed post! This product had been launched back in 2014 Fall featuring Yoona from SNSD as the Innisfree's women product ambassador. The Innisfree Creammellow product stands for 'creamy like texture' which provides:
  • Smooth coating
  • Pure glossy color
  • Great fitting (true color)
  • Camellia oil
The product is available in great varied shades, from subtle rose-blush to vivid fuchsia to visualize the transition from Summer to Fall. It is retailed for 12.000 Won (or equals to IDR 140.000 through Indonesia PO shop), weights for 3.5gr nett product and available in 10 shades. The lipstick is encased in typical Innisfree's white-flimsy plastic case with a Rose-gold ferrule. You can check out more information from Innisfree official.

Before we talk about the product, you should be able to distinct between Innisfree Creammellow product and Innisfree Color Glow product which actually has different concept :
  • Creammellow has Rose-gold ferrule whilst Color Glow has silvery
  • Creammellow has creamier and glossier texture than Color Glow
  • You can differentiate from the Creammellow written in the Rose-gold ferrule





"A rich essential lipstick with Camellia oil & fitting"

The Creammellow range has almost same packaging with Color Glow which could be confusing for some people, but you could check it out from their concept: Creammellow has tinge-pink base at the box packaging and Rose-gold ferrule to distinct it from Color Glow series. Like other Innisfree lipstick product, the Creammellow is environmentally concern by using soya-based ink and recycled material for the outer box. Even though the most information is written in Korean *hiks* but the main features written in English. The formula is promoted to 3-free; no-animal cruelty materials, talc & benzophenone.

The shade chosen is no 4 Coral Grapefruit Pink; a warm Coral-Pink shade with hint of red. The product delivers a vivid and long-wear color straight from the bullet with high density of gloss and shine; yet not that sticky-gloss feel but should be aware that the texture might get your hair stuck when it flies away. It doesn't accentuate patchy lip and the renowned formula helps to moisturize your lip with its Camellia oil. It can stay for 4 hours while the gloss will fade away first leaves the stain behind. It has subtle scent of candy-fruit fragrance like previous Color Glow scent.


My Verdict?
In sum, I really, really love it! Creammellow series has better texture than the previous Color Glow and Creamy Tint series. Its moisturizing agents helps to moisturize your lip without ruining the color pay-off. Even though it delivers high impact of gloss and shine but the finish has opaque result in minimal 2-3 swipes. Furthermore, it doesn't sink into lines. I love how it's coating my lips with gloss & shine unlike conventional lip gloss used to do; it's glossy yet not that tacky glossy feeling. The down side? I must say the color choice almost similar with each other but still in the subtle side. The rumor says that the darker shades fail to appear opaque unlikely in the bullet color, however, it looks versatile for most occasions. You can check out Astrophoria review for more info. For now, wish you a very nice day fellas
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