May 26, 2015

MAMA BUTTER BB Cream in Yellow Beige

If UK has The Body Shop, then Japan has MAMA BUTTER.

Some of you might haven't heard of MAMA BUTTER (ママバター) before. MAMA BUTTER is a Japanese ecological-concern brand under BxE company that offers various skin care & face care products with naturally derived extracts. BxE concept itself knocked down into Beauty, Botanical, Basic & Eco-Friendly concept that supports fair-trade agriculture program. Instead of MAMA BUTTER, BxE has various brands with different product & benefit such as rinRen, medel, Indigenous Soap, MY HABIT, MUGWORT BATH ESSENSE, WILL PLANTS MINERAL MIST, Five Elements, and bb maman (BxE official website)

To distinct from other BxE products, MAMA BUTTER emphasizes on the benefit and usage of natural Shea Butter in accordance with MAMA BUTTER concepts :
  • Moisturizing Care
  • Penetrating & Hydrating
  • Shea Butter usage
  • Safe
  • Reasonable Price
MAMA BUTTER product itself categorized into 4 lines: Basic Line, UV Series, Bath Series, and Beauty Line. I've got to know about this product first from Jen's blog, a fashion-grad student who has interest with eco-friendly & Japanese stuffs, and been eyeing on this product despite rave on the other MAMA BUTTER products than the BB Cream itself.   

MAMA BUTTER BB Cream is a natural skincare BB Cream with organic Lavender aroma. It is retailed for Yen 1.500 excludes tax, has 30gr net weight, and rated 3.8 starts from It has only 2 shades available: Yellow Beige & Pink Beige which suitable for warm skin tone and cool skin tone respectively. Contains 5% natural Shea Butter with SPF25 PA++ formula to protect skin from harmful UV ray. It is Fragrance-free, Paraben-free, and Silicone-free.

This BB Cream contains natural moisturizer such as shea butter and jojoba oil, and 8 other organic ingredients certified by Ecocert. It contains neither silicone nor ultraviolet absorbing agent, yet is SPF25/PA++. It is silicone-free and yet well spreading. It makes your skin shiny and bright.

The product is encased in a white-plastic tube with twisted cap and pointy tip for fuss-free control when dispensing the cream. The tube packaging comes in simple and clean design with captivating berries (?) illustration in front. Most information written in Japanese even the shade information which could be hard to read for some people. The outer box made from hard-paper box with more detailed information of the product written in Japanese.

According to the website, the BB Cream is infused with serum, make-up base, SPF protection, color correcting, and foundation benefit in one to create an effortless all-in-one product. The shades available have main function respectively; Yellow Beige covers red spots or dullness and makes your skin look natural while Pink Beige covers dullness and small wrinkles and makes your skin brighter with good complexion and transparency.

It has 8 organic ingredients certified by Ecocert (including Natural Shea Butter) consisting of :

As you can see, even though the cream tends to be yellow based but after you spread it on your skin, the cream leaves a grey-cast behind. Comparing to Ettusais BB Mineral Gel, MAMA BUTTER has bit pinkish under-tone / grey-cast even though it stated as Yellow Beige. 

My Verdict?
First of all, I found out that it's should be called a paste than a cream since the texture consistency is more creamier and 'thicker' than common BB cream. It doesn't mix well with its moisturizing liquid/oil because when I dispense out the paste, the moisturizing oil goes separately from the paste. Too bad :( I thought it will happen for certain amount of time but after I put it upside-down to mix them together it doesn't blend whatsoever. The clear-transparent liquid still separate out from the paste and creates a slippery texture that makes the cream-paste troublesome to blend.

For the color wise, the Yellow Beige shade in the paste is different with the swatch result; the result tends to be more pinkish-tone / creates grey-cast with light reflective finish. Ettusais BB Mineral Gel has yellow under-tone on the swatch even though the shade tested still bit lighter than my skin tone but MAMA BUTTER has way more pinkish / greyish-cast finish after applied. You can check it on above comparison swatch above. The texture of the paste is wearisome to blend; it takes more effort and bit difficult to spread out the paste due to its thickness texture. In sum: big disappointment. The only thing I could forgive from this product are the Lavender scent and heavily-promoted moisturizing agents that (Thank God) moisturizing on my skin. I might excuse the result since this product is truly made from derived natural ingredients so in certain issue some ingredients might not mixed well with each other...or I guess so. Oh yeah, thanks to the proper simple & attractive tube design, so I gravitate towards this product again and consider to finish it first before trying another BB Cream. Thanks for reading x

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