Jun 1, 2015

ETTUSAIS BB Mineral Gel in Natural Beige

Et tu sais? A concept that created into a Japanese adult skin care product that inspired by the modern, trendy and individualistic Parisian girl, Ettusais believes in giving women fun, tools to their individualism, and freedom from adult acne!

ETTUSAIS has been innovated to create a 'baby skin' finish for those who have troublesome skin like acne-prone skin etc. Ettusais is known for its cute and pastel packaging concept and categorized into 3 main type of product: Skincare, Base-care, and Point make-up. According to their official (English) website, Ettusais is formulate with AC-control oil formula: "by developing AC-Control Oil, a soy bean extract that effectively hydrates, treats and prevents acne. Dryness is one of the major causes of adult acne." Whilst, promoting oil-free finish: "which is believed to retain moisture, include AC-Control Oil as an ingredient while those that combat excess sebum adopt an oil-free formula. Both formulas help skin to stay resistant to acne. Ettusais address both dehydration and excessive sebum, while providing comprehensive care for those prone to adult acne." (Source) (Japanese)

Ettusais notable products are their BB Cream series. After retaining their prominent BB Mineral Cream, they expand the series with BB Mineral White Cream, BB Mineral Gel, BB Mineral Liquid which creates fairer finish look, suits for oily skin, and sensitive skin respectively. For further information about the make-up base series, you can check it here.

The Ettusais BB Mineral Gel is a treatment make-up base with a lightweight texture and creates ultra-smooth and uber-gentle finish to your skin. According to the website:

Blemish balm meets Hydrating Gel in this BB Mineral Gel! This beauty essence base gives you baby-like complexion with a sheer and dewy finish. It is chemical-free, friction-free, fragrance-free, paraben and mineral oil-free, and cleanser-free! That’s right, you don't need a makeup cleanser to remove this bb gel. Packed with ettusais Puru Puru ingredients, this BB gel formula spreads effortlessly onto skin; concealing imperfections with Unevenness Clear Complex G and smoothens out skin roughness with Salicylic Acid. So get your glow on now!

It retails for Yen 1.800, weights for 40gr, and only has 2 shades available; light beige & natural beige. It's formulated with SPF 25 and PA+++ in addition with non-comedogenic and fragrance-free formula.  

The product is encased in a girly-lacey plastic tube with twisted cap and pointy tip. BB Mineral Gel has minty-green tube to differentiate it with other BB Cream series. The outer box comes in a transparent-clear plastic box with information, ingredients list etc written affirmatively in Japanese.

The Natural Beige (NB) shade is tad more darker than Light Beige, but somehow still fairer than my medium-warm skin. However, the shade chosen adapts well after blended especially after dusted with loose powder to keep it from reflecting light and keep it matte since the darkest shade chosen is more lighter than my skin-tone. The full-face photo below will clearly show you Ettusais BB Mineral Gel result altogether with Ettusais BB Plus+ Mineral Powder; as you can see that my face is fairer than it used to be :"))

For comparison, hereby comparison swatch between Ettusais BB Mineral Gel with MAMA BUTTER BB Cream. Ettusais cream has more yellowish tone than MAMA BUTTER when still in cream form. After blended, MAMA BUTTER has more 'coarse' finish than Ettusais and also more pinkish under-tone than Ettusais.

My Verdict?
The thing I love the most from Ettusais is: it doesn't oxidize. In MAMA BUTTER case, the swatch becomes greyish-pinker than the cream form because it tends to oxidize while Ettusais don't. Too bad the darkest shade provided (NB) is still lighter than my medium-warm skin. Therefore, I wouldn't say anything than shade NB is much suitable for MAC 20-25 skin tone (you can check MAC shades as comparison below.)

The texture consistency is lightweight and sheer. The finish is sheen (with a bit siliconey feeling) and I personally think it's not that dewy nor even matte; it's more lightweight, sheer texture with sheen finish. The pigment quite refracts light and could be a turn-off if you don't blend it well nor set it with loose powder to keep it less sheen. Since the coverage is sheer-medium therefore you might need concealer to conceal imperfection such as severe redness, dark under-eyes or dark spot because it doesn't cover imperfection very well. However, you could wear it solely if you're looking for effortless look. Fragrance-free, prolonged oil-control power which could stay for about 4-5 hours after that it starts to get oily but I think it's normal. I only wish Ettusais could release darker shade for South-East Asia market. If you're still curious about Ettusais BB Mineral Gel, you can read Singaporean Beauty Blogger review here. Thank you for reading, muah

FYI for Shade Comparison

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