Jun 2, 2015

ETTUSAIS BB+ Plus Mineral Powder

Easily achieved baby skin like never before!

First of all, it's the most finely milled loose powder, ever. The best thing about Ettusais products that they help you to achieve smooth baby-like skin in no time. It is bestowed with Hyaluronic Acid and Glycerin and other mineral ingredients to achieve natural and smooth skin. According to the official website :

Powder up for translucent, bright baby smooth face!
9 g | Yen 1.450 (before tax and somehow already discontinue in Japan)

Say goodbye to dull makeup and hello to brighter skin! This sheer finishing powder contains essence-in-powder so skin stays baby soft, hydrated and makeup lasts longer! Its light reflecting properties will have your skin glowing and radiant all day!

Comes with a puff that is extra gentle (56mm X 15mm thick, 3mm hair length, mixed spinning of 50% nylon and 50% polyester).

The powder is encased in a clear box with heavily lace-pattern brown lid equipped with an exquisite powder puff. To preserve its quality control, the powder's holes sealed with guarantee seal. The tube is sturdy enough and the puff is somehow soft and smooth for sensitive skin. All information in the backside of the tube is written in Japanese.

The tube is covered with guarantee plastic attached in a hard-paper. All information about the product is written in these hard-paper, unfortunately it's written in Japanese. If you curious about this product's, another review from Make-up bloggete will help you.


As already mention before, the powder is finely milled and the texture is superbly sooooft. The coverage is light and the texture is unarguably light-wear. Unfortunately, there's only 1 shade provided but thanks to it's fine texture it covers medium skin-tone (like mine) very well.

My Verdict?
The most purrr-fect and softest powder, ever. This delicate powder turns your skin into slightly matte coverage. You can solely wear it alone after dabbing moisturizer or dab more to give additional coverage for BB Cream application. Unfortunately, there's only 1 shade provided but the powder tends to suitable to fair-medium skin tone due to its beyond-soft texture. Fragrance-free and moderate staying power. Swatches will come soon, so stay tune for more information.


  1. The packaging is super pretty~! Lovely review, I'll definitely be reading more of your posts <33



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