Feb 22, 2016

CANMAKE Powder Eyebrow #12 Light Brown

A bold yet demure Japanese style eyebrow can be achieved by using powder eyebrow

Remember when everybody was into those bold-straight Korean style eyebrow? In every current mainstream there's always something that goes against the current. Take a look at Japanese makeup. With their own delicate, messy yet natural eyebrow style and shade lighter than the hair color, Japan visualizes oddly-girly Gyaru or Mori-girl makeup style in more lighter and effortlessly natural finish. If you ever take a look at Japanese magazine like Nonno, MORE, Oggi, etc then you might realize that most of the Japanese ladies prefer natural yet messy eyebrow for an effortless soft & natural look.

Powder Eyebrow
12 (Available in Japan 12, 15, 16, & 17)

IDR 138.000 (Yen 600)


A duo of light and dark powder shades, for well-defined, natural-looking eyebrows.

A range of subtle shades of brown that blend in well with your skin and hair, for eyebrows that look as though nature created them this way. Lightly defining without overemphasizing, this brow definer goes on with a soft, gentle touch that can only be achieved with a powder.
1. Apply the lighter shade from the arch of your eyebrow to the outer end and then apply once more to the whole of the eyebrow.
2. Gradually apply the darker shade to the outer end of the eyebrow and then smudge any remaining powder towards the part of the eyebrow closest to your nose.

Use the lighter shade alone for soft, smoky-looking eyebrows like peach fuzz. Mix the two shades to create a color that matches your natural eyebrow color. Use both to provide greater definition through natural variations in shading.

color image
[12] light
Subdued light brown

Mori Makeup

 Gyaru Makeup

Similar to infamous Canmake Mix Eyebrow powder, this product delivers a good amount of pigmented powder eyebrow product which comes in 2 contrasted shades; lighter and darker brown. The powder is encased in a separated container equipped with dual-ended sponge-brush in a clear plastic case. According to Canmake BA, Light Brown 12 is the most wearable shade for Indonesian women since mostly Indonesian women have black/darker hair color and skin tone comparing to Japanese women.

The product information is written on the back of the case; product's information, eyebrow's shade and other related info. However, if you want thorough information about the product, you can check out their English description in here. Fragrance-free, without noticeable shimmer, but be careful for possible fall-out.
The photo below shows the most natural, closest to the real color of the product.
The product is categorized as 'Base Color' (L) and 'Deep Color' (R) to distinguish it from each other. As you can see, Base Color works as eye-shadow primer, while Deep Color works as accentuate color. The Base Color doesn't show significant and noticeable color pay-off due to its muted pigment to create a subtle and barely-beige base color. In my opinion, it's similar to Taupe shade than a common light brown.

The deep color is a 'natural and neutral' dark brown shade with noticeable ashy-cast when swatches directly to skin; the deep brown doesn't tinge heavy red-brown base unlike other *NYX* eyebrow kit does. You can also intensify and build-up the color when needed or wear it alone without applying primer base color first.

The down-side? People with less advanced-skill might find trouble with this kind of powder eyebrow because it creates excess fallout when you brush too much powder.

The result? Take a look at photo below. The near-below photo shows comparison between my sparse eyebrow (L-eyebrow) and retouched one (R-eyebrow). Totally make a significant difference :))

Here's another 'soft & natural' makeup inspiration for you as visualized better by Japanese actress while you can ignore my silly photo above XD

My Verdict?
"Eye is the window to the soul."
Choose your best and convenient eyebrow-kit before framing your face. Canmake Powder Eyebrow product offers you natural and neutral brown color with a hint of ashy color which hardly seen in most of Indonesian products. You might feel uncomfortable and 'strange' with the result color but in the other hand you can easily build-up and intensify the color without making it looks 'over-groomed'. However, some people think the product is bit inefficient with additional tool to utilize and prone to overly excess powder which can make a mess for a new beginner. You might skip this product if you prefer more convenient and easier usage, but if you're too lazy and wanna skip those overly-groomed eyebrow and wanna achieved natural-looking eyebrow, Canmake Eyebrow Powder arrives in Indonesia to help you. Thank you for reading fellas

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  1. So many youtubers using this in their make up tutorial! Seems like this is a good product!



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