Feb 15, 2016

LA GIRL Matte Flat Finish Pigment Gloss in FLEUR

Interesting lipstick texture from US drugstore product

For those who are wandering about (well, not so) new drugstore lippie product from US and planning to get one then should pick one from LA Girl Matte Flat Finish Pigment Gloss. It offers an incredible budget-friendly product with vast available shades from demure-nudes to vivid-bright hue.

Blurring the lines between lipstick and lip gloss, Matte Pigment Gloss has already become a favorite of makeup artists, blogger and fans. These 16 bold shades provide rich, intense color in a flat finish for all day wear. The long wearing formula goes on as a high pigmented liquid and dries to a flat matte finish. Leaving lips colored in gorgeous velvety perfection that last and lasts. Source

The liquid lip-color comes in a sturdy-transparent plastic tube with black cap and flat-tip sponge to spread the color evenly. The gloss tube is Huge, I mean really huge comparing other liquid lipstick. Weight for 5 gr of liquid-gloss texture and retailed for about USD 5 (or IDR 75.000) with detailed printed information of the product printed in the tube. Here's a quick review:


If you want to invest in a worth-penny product, then it goes to this product. The amount of the product is reliably huge, comes in a versatile color and gives you a perfect matte result. However, if you have problem with liquid matte-lipstick and its cleaning process, you might prefer another higher-end product: I found difficulty to clean up the residue after applying, the liquid color adheres well with my lips and it takes water-proof remover to perfectly cleaning it up.

Fleur shade is unarguably the most versatile nude color from LA Girl: it's a warm brick tone with hint of red-orange that suits well for warm skin-tone. The pigmentation is opaque and just need one swipe to completely cover up a surface. As you can see, it comes with a flat-tip applicator and bit uncomfortable for me since I prefer slanted one than flat-end tip. The product was named 'gloss' due to its glossy-liquid texture while still in the tube, it turns matte when exposed to air and leaving its stain and sticky finish behind. It's smudge-proof, fragrance-free, gloss-free and long lasting.


My Verdict?
LA Girl doesn't fail to impress me; with a budget-friendly tag, enormous amount of product and great finish, no wonder LA Girl Matte Flat becomes one of the best selling US (drugstore) product in Indonesia. The opaque pigmentation covers up the entire surface in a single swipe, the liquid-gloss product interestingly turns opaque-matte when applied onto lips and the finish lasts longer than average lip color. If you're interested with this type of liquid lip color but afraid of spending big amount of money then try one from LA Girl 'Fleur' or another vivid shade which can be seen here and here as reviewed or see my other swatch comparison here. BUT if you're looking for light-weight texture and effortless attempt when removing the lip color then you might skip this product. I guess that's all for today, thank you so much for reading and have a nice day!


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