Oct 19, 2015

ESPRIQUE Rich Fondue Rouge PK861

Intensely moisturize your lips while glides smoothly even on dry lips.

The latest Esprique Rich Fondue Rogue was launched in 2014 Fall/Winter and displayed nationwide (Japan) on Spring 2015. This product promotes lavish moisturizing formulas which glides smoothly even on dry-chapped lips; it is formulated to prevent harsh winter weather and also helps to maintain lip's moisture. Esprique chose the multi-talented Yui Aragaki as their spoke person for this product, and also Spring 2015 limited edition, which is believed to offer fresh quintessence alongside with Emi Takei (which is also featured in another Kose's product)

Rich Fondue Rouge
20 shades (PK 861)


IDR 355.000 (Yen 2.800 exclude tax)


According to Esprique official website (Singapore):
A nourishing rouge with the long-lasting, vivid color of a lipstick that applies smoothly even over dry or chapped lips.
Formulated with Lasting Moist Shine compounds, the new KOSÉ ESPRIQUE Rich Essence Rouge spreads easily over the lips with a melting-smooth sensation, granting hydration, shine and vivid color all at once. Upon each application, the breakthrough long-wear formula stays comfortably on the lips.

Rich Essence Rouge
available in 10 Colors


Yui Aragaki looks enchanting with PK 860 (featured shade in the CM) and you can check other shades also on the featured video to give you another insight about the product.

Rich Fondue Rouge is encased in a black-tube case with detailed minimalist-baroque ornament in between the cap. The above pictures show the similar shade to real life color, below photos show the outer packaging (in cloudy white-balance) and slight comparison between Esprique and MAQuillAGE.
PK-861 is named after Pink Guava; a subtle pink guava-shade that has warm under-tone. The texture of the bullet is heavenly-creamy and melts easily when contacted the skin. It glides easily when exposed with the skin's temperature and covers up the surface in single stroke. Fragrance-free and doesn't have neither glitter nor shimmering particles but has shiny finish. The color choice is spanning into 20 available shades predominantly with demure hues.

I hate to come down to this part, but Rich Fondue has terrible pigmentation: it's rather difficult to build up the color to create an opaque finish and it has weak pigmentation especially if you want to entirely cover up dark lips (like mine). People with pale lips like Japanese will find the finish versatile but in contrary makes people with dark lips will look washed out.

In the other hand, the texture of Rich Fondue is quite interesting. It goes also for the new released MAQuillAGE which will be reviewed next.


As you can see, there's not much different between the stroke. It doesn't entirely cover up the surface with opaque finish and it smears and bleeds easily due to its creamy-like texture. However, it gives a nice shine and texture almost similar to lip balm finish imho.

In sum, the color looks so versatile and tempting in the tube but people with pale and fair complexion will showcasethe color better. Here's a peek of another shades swatched in fair-white complexion. Another reference comes from  Weibo Shuidan

My Verdict?
I think I chose the wrong shade. Deeper and vibrant color will showcase the payoff better for people with dark lips than the demure shade does. PK 861 has weak pigmentation and you won't get opaque finish even though you tried to build up the color PLUS it settled on fine lines and accentuated it a bit (maybe because of its muted color). Geez. In the other hand, the texture wise is impeccably great; it melts easily when interact with the skin temperature and glides smoothly even in dry and chapped lips without accentuate the crack, instead it covers up the surface with its moisturizing formula. The other reason to get this product is because of the utterly gorgeous packaging that looks captivating and elegant when you pull it out from your make-up case. There's always this tendency to get product with lavish and elegant packaging, right?


  1. Kmu dapet product japan dari mana sich?? perasaaan product japan mu banyak banget yun.. hihihi.. btw, itu packing lipstick nya mewah banget deh..


    1. Hehehe, aku beli PO langsung dari Jepang mbak :) iya packagingnya mewah dan cantik bangets makanya aku beli, sayangnya warnanya sheer banget imho..


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