Oct 6, 2015

INNISFREE Creammellow #02 Grapefruit Pink

A subtle touch of Grapefruit Pink with creamy-gloss finish.

It has been 1 year since Innisfree launched Creammellow series in Fall 2014 and it's better late than never to show you another beautiful shade from this series. Before you scroll down the page, I have to remind you that Innisfree Creammellow had been reviewed in the previous post here, therefore this post gonna spam you with heavily photo exhibition than text production.

##02 Grapefruit Pink


IDR 140.000 (Won 12.000)


The Innisfree Creammellow product stands for 'creamy like texture' which provides:
  • Smooth coating
  • Pure glossy color
  • Great fitting (true color)
  • Camellia oil
There's distinction between Innisfree Creammellow product and Innisfree Color Glow product which actually stands in different concept and product :
  • Creammellow has Rose-gold ferrule whilst Color Glow has silvery
  • Creammellow has creamier and glossier texture than Color Glow
  • You can differentiate from the Creammellow written in the Rose-gold ferrule


Creammellow 02
Innisfree Creammellow 02 is a subdued grapefruit-pink with hint of mauve. The color looks versatile for every skin-tone yet the sheer pigmentation and creamy-gloss texture makes it less opaque. Has glossy finish but doesn't feel sticky and oily. Fragrance-free and lasts for about 3-4 hours in normal activity.


My Verdict?
I'm in love with the shade in the stick, a subtle mauve-pink, but (frankly) it fails to impress me after stroked. The creamy-gloss texture doesn't cover the lip surface with an opaque finish even though the swatch on the hand delivers good amount of color but fyi muted color like Grapefruit Pink looks washed out for warm skin-tone or dark lips like mine due to its muted & glossy cast. People with pale or rosy lips may accentuate the shade better. However, the creamy-gloss texture helps to moisturize the lips, so lip balm application is preferable. Doesn't feel gross and sticky unlike typical glossy-finish product and lasts for normal 3-4 hours upon application. Here is another review for more insight of this product. I hope you will find it useful fellas!


  1. Do you like this lipstick? For me, it moisturized my lips but because of the creamy texture, it will create flaky cream. Though I like my #3 shade so much.

    1. Yes, I have no problem with the other shade #4 Coral Grapefruit, tho lighter shade like this #2 has issue with layering/over reapplication..


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