Oct 23, 2015

MAQUILLAGE Dramatic Melting Rouge RD425

This Avant-Garde lipstick has its own unique formula with its light-weight, lavish moisturizer, and opaque finish with touch of translucency.

No wonder this product often appears in Japanese cosme.net ranking, currently the product is spotted on current rank 3rd position as best lipstick product based on community polling (as per October 2015). The product is lavishly encased in abstractly paved-blocks with gold and lacquered-black combination and it  shouts for avant-garde and glamour image with Jun Hasegawa & Kiko Mizuhara as the brand ambassador for this series.

Dramatic Melting Rouge
17 shades (RD 425)


IDR 385.000 (Yen 3.000 exclude tax)


"A beauty-oil based rouge in pastels that melt into spring."

Spring colors from Dramatic Melting Rouge debut!
Sheer color with luxurious gloss.
Rich and moist, ladylike lips.
Product availability varies by country.
Dramatic Melting Rouge

7 new shades (incl. Limited 2 shades)
17 shades 

This product is enriched with Beauty-oil to protect skin's moisturizer and gives it translucent jelly-like finish with micro-fine shimmering particles.

(Taken from Maquillage website)

Melts into your lips. Stays in place

“Beauty oil” transformed into lipstick!

Beauty oil

"Phase separation technology" exclusive to Shiseido is the secret of luster and color definition

As soon as applied, beauty oil melts at body temperature, and becomes a thick, lustrous coating film that wraps dry, chapped lips with vertical lines.

Beauty oil divides into two layers: the layer containing
the color and moisture adheres to the lips, while the
upper layer with brilliance wraps the lips.

Three benefits of the rouge made with beauty oil

Beautiful, brilliant color with just one stroke
As soon as it is applied, lips are wrapped in a beautiful color layer with a rich brilliance. Even lips with dull, uneven color and/or dryness enjoy clear, beautiful, brilliant color.

Cares for dry lips and makes lips beautiful every time you wear it
Cares for dry, chapped lips with its excellent moisturizing effect. Condensed, lustrous coating film repairs lips with vertical lines so lips become more beautiful with every application.
Formulated with Moisturizing cosmetic ingredients*
*Water-soluble collagen, Super hyaluronic acid (sodium acetylhyaluronate), glycerin, sodium magnesium silicate, and α-G-Hesperidin

Has a melty, soft texture yet adheres to the lips perfectly.
Color, brilliance and moisture lasts without creasing and fading
Beautiful finish (color, brilliance, moisture and smoothness) lasts for 6 hours. Data supporting 6-hour lasting finish
(Tested by Shiseido. Individual effects vary.)


The New 2015 released

New 7 shades

Kiko Version

Jun Version

Apart from its captivating concept, this product was released in Spring 2015 to succeed the Essence Glamorous Rouge NEO sellout. Talking about glamour and drama, it wraps your lips with adherent moisturizing formulas and lustrously-rich brilliant colors. However, the golden abstract-blocks packaging successfully creates stunning first-look. It's a combination of glamorous golden grid cap and lacquered black tube with astonished metallic-rosy ferrule & Maquillage logo imprinted on it.

As Jessy Ying said: "The concept behind the packaging is “Dramatic Glamour”, with its bejewelled surface with pink gold called “Precious Grid”. This signature design, as part of the new look of the Shiseido Maquillage, aims to awaken a woman’s beauty and make her shine, to ignite a spark in every woman’s everyday life." 

To give you more thorough insight-out info, here's another sneak peak of the outer box. *I can't stop snapping on the beautiful and gorgeous lipstick~* (The below photos has cloudy white balance)
A glimpse of the lipstick case.
This product has lightweight and jelly-like texture and opaque finish with touch of translucency. Thanks to MAQuillAGE Beauty Oil that creates shiny coat with adherent moisture and lustrous rich color. RD 425 is a cool-shades of Red with a hint of Pink, similar to Ruby Red, and looks versatile and flattering for most skin-tones. It's build-able and fragrance-free.

Comparing to Esprique, Maquillage formula doesn't settled in fine lines and creates lustrous coat with shiny-gloss finish with tinge of colorant micro-fine shimmering particles. Its lavish moisturizing formula also works to coat severe chapped lips, so lipbalm application is preferable.



My Verdict
I should say, I like Maquillage better than Esprique. It's coating and plumping up the lip with ultra-moisturizing formulas and visible translucent-vivid & glossy finish. Based on personal experience, Esprique has weak pigmentation and bit settled on fine lines, whereas Maquillage doesn't accentuate fine lines even though both of them glides smoothly even on severe and chapped lips. Maquillage feels so moisturizing and gives a supple lip with degree of opacity. One single stroke and you're ready to go. You can check out another reviews Jessy Ying, Front Row Beauty and My Women Stuff for more in-depth reference. Thank you for reading and have a nice day lovely!


  1. Love the Maquillage lipstick's case and color! Would love to try it!! :)

  2. Love the Maquillage lipstick's case and color! Would love to try it!! :)

  3. The packaging on that lipstick is perfect! The entire lipstick actually sounds perfect O_O



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