Mar 9, 2013

Audiotraffic: A Review

It started out as "Love at First Sight"...

Well, it's kinda embarrassing to tell you how do I know Audiotraffic. I began to browse for Audiotraffic after I knew that their leader and main-vocalist is my long-lost star struck. For those who spent their teenager era around late 90's, watched infamous music television; Channel V, paid attention to 'Top 5 at 5" will get acquainted with their first male Vj's, VJ ADRIAN ♥ . During my teenager era *yeaelah, ketauan tuirnya deh gw* VJ Adrian was the one who caught my heart (¬_¬") ummm, okay, too much parabola. I got star struck with him for his rebellious and easy going personality, a bad boy for every girl-next-door dream, and to-die-for-mixed-blood appearance, yummy! Guess I made this post dedicated for Adrian, not fully for a review. *laughs* One mystery still lingers on: Is he a British ancestry or Spanish ancestry? ._.

VJ Adrian <3
Thus I started to know about his upcoming project, after ended his contract as a VJ in channel V on 2002, by created a cover band for British Indie Rock music named 'Cry' which was later renamed to Audiotraffic. Together with Don Cruz, Adrian submitted their demo and recruited to an indie record and began their journey as indie rock band from Hong Kong, China.
Their music was reflection of the golden era of British Rock Indie, plus Adrian's sultry, sensual and heavy  British accent completed the color of their music, enchanting.

For those who want to know more about them, or interested with British Indie music, you can check them out here:

Alive not Dead Website : Adrian da Silva, Audiotraffic
Adrian da Silva's voice resume : Voice123

or you could check out their video on Youtube, I promote this one as my favorite "Audiotraffic - Way too Long"  <3

And alsooooo, I heart Adrian's interview with Chinese newspaper <3

ARGHHH, I'M MELTING! HIS HEAVY BRITISH ACCENT IS SO SEXY~!!! (If you pay attention to Adrian, you could see that he has a twitching habit ._. and it's quite distracting. )
Adrian on stage ♥
Moreee Adrian ♥
However, nothing lasts forever; they decided to disband in 2009. No current news about them and also from Adrian, I'm heart broken again.....

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