Mar 1, 2013

Personal Post #1 : Seiji Kameda-san, you made my day~!

亀田誠治 さんwas replying my tweet, and I was like “OMG! I can’t believe it! He is absolutely a humble person! #faint “

FYI: Seiji Kameda-san is a Japanese music producer, arranger and bass guitarist notably known for his music project with Shiina Ringo and Tokyo Jihen, whereas he also composes, arranges, music producer for other well-known Japanese artists such as L’Arc en Ciel etc. For me, he is one of a kind musician, alike Shiina Ringo. He is definitely one of Japanese 音楽の神様 (God of Music).

Bahasa awamnya, dia seperti Ahmad Dh*ni-nya Jepang, otak dari banyak musisi, minus kelakuan gilanya…. *krik*


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