Mar 21, 2013

Korean ain't famous for K-Pop (only)

Yup, like I said before: "Korean ain't famous for K-Pop only." Have you tried their cosmetics brand? Nowadays lifestyle indulges us with "ultimately only available in our brand" benefits. Even certain tour programs are created for the make-up lovers, so it called: "Beauty Tour to Korea" *faint* I have to confess that I am a HUGE fan of make-up and skin care, but, not that extremely addicted. Well, you gotta admit that Korean government support and advertise this commodity as a potential industry instead of their Music industry (Hello Super Junior :D )

I don't know if you ever notice or try Korean cosmetics brands. If you pay attention to Korean cosmetics advertisement, the model for cosmetic brand is mostly male artist. Yes. Male Korean artists. Since women's customer often buy the product upon their loyalty to those celebrities instead of the 'magic' of the cosmetic or skin care. Whilst, for Sojuu (Korean's alcohol beverage) using women's celebrities as the model or muse :D

I tried Korean's cosmetics for the first time when BB cream was the talk-of-the-town. Missha BB Cream was my pioneer in Korean's cosmetics journey. I have to admit: it covers perfectly despite the too-bright tone color, since Korean's skin-tone is lighter than SE Asian native. At that time, I realized that's one of the negative point in Korean's cosmetics.

Then, one day I got these freebies from a woman's magazine: A soothing gel from Nature Republic and Hand Cream Angel's Hand by Too Cool For School. Both of them are from Korea and both of them are superb.  

Nature Republic is a cosmetics brand concerning on the nature of their products. Nature Republic Shooting & Moisture gel is proudly stated to be consisted of 92% organic Aloe Vera. When you open the cover for the first time, a fresh and light scent of Aloe Vera drifts in the air plus it doesn't sniff too strong for your nose. Nice. Then I took a small amount of gels thus gently dabbed it in my hand and voila, it absorbs in no time. It's fragrance-free, checked; it's colorant-free, checked. I think it suits well for those who believe in green-life style. Once I tried to apply it in cutting injury, first it was sting but then it calmed down the pain. O, hail to this miracle gels.
The gel miraculously calms and also soothes injury and burnt sore.
Below natural light (make me wanna eat jelly :3 )
I am a huge fan of this Almond-scented lotion from Too Cool For School~ Based on it's brand's name: it feels like you've been touched by an Angel's hand. This one smells Shea-Butter, it's sweet yet not too stiff. Put enough amount of lotion and miraculously softens your hands. Love it. FYI, I had an experience when first time used this lotion; if you put too much pressure on the tin tube, uncontrollable amount of lotions will come out. LOL. At least, it's your savior when you're going to shake hand with an important person; absolutely will leave them good impressions, right?
Leave good scent and softens your hands, brilliant idea for Cinderella!
Cute packaging <3
Last but not least, this one comes from the same brand as the Hand Lotion: Too Cool For School. This Brand emphasizes youthful and cuteness; since their target market is teenagers from 13-18. They're known for their cute packaging. Irresistible. I bought this one when passing by a cosmetics counter, with no intention to buy any. The cute packaging attracts me most; it's uber-cute!. However, when I glided the gloss stick, I fell in Love with it's hint of red. Not too sticky and glossy. Just enough red-tint. I was so confused back then in the counter but finally decided to buy the gloss instead of the lipstick. Once again, Korean variety of color is too bright for SE Asians or Medium-color tone; when I tried brown-nude lipstick, the color made me look like Kim Kardashian. Nor the pinky color lipstick couldn't make me looks fresher. Nuff. However, I chose this one to bring along home. The tube itself is cute yet sophisticated. Makes me confident every time I take it out from my make-up bag and swipe it on my lips. Ahh, I feel like I'm a teenager again.  Mwah~!
At first it looks too much red, but when you apply it changes to become more sheer.
Love the packaging! <3

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