Mar 14, 2013

Meet Mrs. Brown and Mrs. MAC

Spring is in the Air~!

Ahh...I love the breeziness of Spring's air, even though I'm not having Spring season, the intenseness of spring's flowers, and also the celebration to wear mind-blowing colors.

I was in this situation where I got a free shopping voucher from my former employer: but I had no idea what should I buy. Something across my mind swooshes and gives me inspiration for celebrating spring's sugary bursts of colors: I started it from make up. It takes less effort to put 'eye catching ' statement especially around your face, so I make it to my lips! Once Mrs. Bobby Brown says: "Lip color is an easy way to change your look from day to evening and season to season."

So here I was, standing in one of famous make up brand, window shopping like a lost girl when suddenly the shop attendance offered me help. I showed her my go-to color, semi-matte watermelon lipstick from another brand. The lady nicely suggested me several options alike mine. Unfortunately, the color wasn't available there, thus the shop attendance offered me this: creamy, semi-matte, full coverage Bobby's essential. After a long minutes of discussion, I fell in love with this A pinky Rose: Rose Berry No. 26:
Bobby Brown leads to Burgundy-Red color but when I apply it to my lips, with a glide of lip balm, it becomes sheer burgundy. Nice.

Again, I tried to find another lipstick that would be great for cheer up my spirit. This time I didn't ask the shop attendance to help me find my true match color, I said "I would like to have brownish-color" and she suggested me "Cosmo" Nevertheless, my heart skips a beat when I saw "Brick-o-la" A22 with amplified creme finish. It glides purrfectly to my lips and gives full coverage for my dark-based lips. Too bad, after I finished buying both lipsticks, I regretted not to buy "Cosmo" since I found out both Bobbi Brown and MAC almost share same base-color.

When applied with a lip balm before, MAC gives a maroon finish with a hint of brownish. So natural.

The picture below will help you find out the finishing of both lipsticks when applied to skin. Above: Bobby Brown, Below: MAC.

For more dramatic look, I finished my look with a cat-eyes liner using eyeliner from MAYBELLINE: Hyper Sharp Liner in Black;

At the cherry at the top, I finished my look with a swipe of Mascara from MAYBELLINE: Long Extreme Stiletto Mascara in Black.

Based on my experience, it is quite difficult to find out the 'true' color especially for a lipstick since the make up counter use indoor light and artificial light so it could blur the color of the lipstick. At first, I thought the Bobby Brown color was a deep-pink, but when I took it out to natural light, it became burgundy. However, I really adore my 2 new lipsticks since it covers and hides my dark-based lips very well~! For those who like bold but applicable color and natural-color worshiper, I think this color will suit you well :) Enjoy your spring season, wherever you are~

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