Mar 18, 2013

Spring Cleaning: Arrange Your Belongings

I'm a Type-B person.

I mean, according to my Blood-type, I am a creative person. Meanwhile, I have an obsessive need for cleanliness also. Even when you googled them on internet, you will find that I have indications of Obsessive–compulsive personality disorder (OCPD). Maybe, not that much...

It started when I had nothing to do and so disrupted by the arrangement of things around my house. I'm thinking of: Titanic after drowned; you will think: Titanic during it's premiere voyage. I can't stand on messiness. So, I began to arrange and classified things according to its function, even bought several supporting materials so that my belongings look properly in order. I still keep on paying attention to neatness...not only in Spring.
Bracelets and Watches: I bought a special display stand to make them whimsical yet easy to access.
Imported Magazines: I arrange them according to it's brand, date of publication and type. I made space under the stairs as magazine and photo books shelves so it looks unexpected way for interior decoration.
Make-up and Perfumes: I gather the make-up in a glass-cover box so I could see them from outside; while I'm thinking of to buy a tray for the base of perfume. Feels like highly curated.
Scarves and Pashminas: I got inspiration from Hijab's store which arranges the scarf using this hanger.
Scarves and Pashminas: Arrange them according to color and texture.
Headbands and Scrunchies: I arrange the headbands according to it's color while for the scrunchy I just put it in a clear box. I should give my thank you speech to: Blair Waldorf.
Headbands: From in front.
Misc: I bought this cute clear boxes to put misc things, such as glasses.
Hair Pins, Earrings, and Jewelries: I classified them according to it's type and value. Meanwhile for earrings, I put them first in a small plastic bag so it won't tangle each other.
Hair Pins, Earrings, and Jewelries: Look from above.
Necklaces: Hang it on behind closet's door. Significantly using space.
Make-up tools: I put it all altogether so I will get them in one pack.
My Treasure: This bookshelf consists of favorite books and in the lower level is especially for Japanese magazines.
Action Figure: Hah! I'm also a tomboy girl. The Gundam series are my brother's collection. I have the monster figures since I was kid, and still keep them for memorial.

Well, that's how I arrange things around the house, especially my room. If you feeling your inner awareness of cleanliness emerge I can suggest you: make it as work-out
  1. Choose weekend and feel the satisfaction to see your house as if your own museum. Do whatever your imagination leads you.
  2. Arrange your belongings according to either colors, textures, or functions.  
  3. Once again, find your inspiration. Mine is mostly inspired from Lucky Magazine articles or even you could find it from Vogue: Living.  
  4. Pay attention to the appearance of your belongings; if still looks awful, maybe you should buy supporting materials and refer back to number 3.  
  5. Finally, enjoy the result of your job :) When you arranged your belongings, around 200-300 kcal were burnt. Your body will stay in shape. Nice

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