Mar 2, 2013

Personal Style #2

Hello readers!

Personal Style March 3rd 2013

It's already March XD which means THE SPRING IS COMING! I'm starting this Spring season with a spread of lighter version of: Blue. In certain philosophy, blue means "sadness", even several idioms express "Feeling Blue", "Out of the Blue", etc to emphasize sadness. However, as a ruler breaker, I'm trying to put Blue as the color of "Serenity". I like the lighter version color of the shirt; the swirling collar itself gives more dramatic touch of feminine. Meanwhile, the light-knitted cardigan gives at least a touch of preppy and not-too-dressed-up. Btw, the swirl-collared shirt was bought in a thrift store for only Euro 1 while the cardigan is from Lindex. Here is my daily style to welcome Spring, enjoy :) *Sorry if the collar looks little bit mess :b *

Swirl-collared shirt: Vintage; Light-knitted Cardigan: Lindex
Complete your look with Smile :)
Ruffles! Ruffles! Ruffles!

Bold, voluminous ruffles are unexpectedly edgy, and they're sexily dramatic at the same time. Perfection.

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