Mar 12, 2013

Yusuke Nakamura: A Review

Hello fellow readers. 

For those anime or J-Pop addict, I will submit a post regarding Japanese notable contemporary-illustrator whose famous for his signature artwork. If you aware with some of his artworks in one of Japanese notable rock band's cover jacket, you gotta know him easily...

Do you fond of Asian Kung-Fu Generation (later on will be mentioned AKFG)? Do you pay attention to AKFG's Album cover / Single cover? Do you fond of the illustration of AKFG's albums/singles? Have you ever seen below picture before? Then you should meet the well-known illustrator: 中村佑介, Nakamura Yūsuke.
AKFG's "World World World" album cover
I have troubles when finding information about him since: I can't speak Japanese, many refers Nakamura Yusuke as Japanese football player (what???) and even a medical professor. However, this Nakamura Yusuke-san is eminent for his contemporary illustration with his signature style: Black & White with a hint of shocking colors. Most of his subject of the illustration are young girls, well, even a glints of another subjects such as animals & males often appear. AKFG is his long standing fan of which always (more than often) use his artwork as the cover jacket of their Albums and Singles.

Kensuke Kita from AKFG with Nakamura's art work for "Landmark" album
Kirara artwork

Nakamura-san was born in Takarazuka, 1978, from an architect father and children's designer mother, whereas nowadays he lives in Osaka, as you can read in his website:  

Personal Website : or find out more illustrations in Tumblr :

He also illustrates for other art project. Further more, you can easily recognize him for his one-of-a-kind bowl cut hair style *smirk*.

Yusuke Nakamura-san at his desk
Yusuke Nakamura (on the left)
I couldn't agree more of his WHIMSICAL, FRESH & BOLD artworks since the first time I saw his artwork at AKFG's cover jacket. His artworks are a fresh inspiration for youth soul who's looking for ideas and brand new innovations. I can assure you, imagine yourself entering the world of Oz, his artworks will surprise and entertain you in a way that other artists can't. I should say: I'm a fan.
Source: Tumblr,, google

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