Mar 18, 2013

Going to Nail Art? Nah, I prefer Do-It-Myself

Having your nails done can be, errr, a little mischievous process. When my nails want to be uniquely polished, I never run into a nail salon or nail art. For me, it costs huge expense only for making some parts of your body beautifully groomed for a short period, therefore I choose hair cut as an investment instead of nail art. However, it's merely woman's instinct to have head-to-toe treatment, thus nails will not miss the spot. Let's say, nail art makes you more confident, but still, nail art needs more attention and details oriented. However, if you have various and unique ideas basically you can do it yourself (DIY) at home. 

  • Rule no. 1: If you're the kind of person with small thumbs (like mine) choose bright, shimmering, pastel colors instead of matte, solid color. Shimmering color makes your nails a little bit longer. It also applies to nude colors/spectrum similar to you color tone, they make your hands / toes leaner. Want to have lean nails? No problemo. You could buy transparent / disposable artificial nails, try to find it in beauty shops, department stores or nearby woman's accessories shops. 
  • Rule no. 2: If you like solid color, make it to your toes; they're less seen comparing to your hands. However, if you want to make ground breaking rule, always remember to apply the coat careeeefully. Solid color tend to get easily notice especially if there's crack or untidy coat. Matte colors are tricky, if you have less-maintained cuticle, matte colors will end up like the edge of maple leaves: ragged. Therefore, to you make your matte color long-lasting, you could apply top-coat for finish or as discoloration prevention.  
  • Rule no. 3: Feeling not too creative to have texture in your nail art? Go find textured nail polish from brand such as OPI. Once I read an article regarding nail polish that could make your nails look cracked, or even produce magnetized-texture in it. Mine is craving for holographic or chameleon texture from Vision by Oriflame.When you see it from different angle, it will deliver different color spectrum. Totally my-go-to-texture when I don't have ideas or too lazy to design and create.  
  • Rule no. 4: Find Inspirations! It could be from internet, beauty-blog, or Magazine (Usually I got inspirations from Japanese beauty magazine, such as Non-no. They have wide and various selection of nail art inspirations) This could be your inspiration: Nail Art Inspiration in Tumblr. When you finally get your inspiration, then look around you. You can use almost every resource around you. You don't have to buy a new material, you could use everything that has been kept in your home. Use it, so you won't bulk another items.  
  • Rule no. 5: Always try your best. I know it feels sucked when you couldn't apply your nail polish especially in your right hands. Rrrr. Total fail. Therefore, make this counts: apply your nail polish in a stable and flat surface. I count on my dining table, how about yours? Sometimes when your nail art is far from perfect don't make it too personal, make it as your playground: Do what ever you like! Never stop creating and experimenting until you know what suits you best.

Here, I will show you what I'm digging at the moment and my nail-art-works ♥

Source: Jmagazinescan (Tumblr)
 My current obsession: sleek color.
Twinkling stars in the darkness of the night.
Could you see the holographic color?
This is my collection of wonderful nail polish ♥ consists from of make-up brand such as Vision by Oriflame (they have great chameleon colors!) and Revlon. I would love to have more various colors and apply different design, Japanese nail-art obsession is a you-need-to-know-inspiration! 

Let's say, I'm not a nail-art person. I have it when I want, but when I want I will try experimenting as creative as I can. Since daily chores and working demands force me to have short nails (hiks), I go to artificial nails for special occasion. You couldn't help yourself to be more creative and well-groomed, because being woman is way so amazing and delighting than you can imagine. xoxo

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